• Russian salad

    Boiled potatoes)1 partCarrots (boiled)1 partEgg white (boiled)1 partCucumbers (fresh)1 partGreen Peas (fresh)1/2 partCanned peas1/2 partChicken Breast (Fried)1 partSalad (Romano)1 partOlive oilPepperMayonnaise
    For decoration
    Herbs (cilantro, carval, parsley, dill)Egg yolk (for 1 portion)1 pieceCelery1 sheetPepper (Pink)
    • Flow temperature:Room temperature

    The secret of new flavor in a large-scale cutting of ingredients.

    To begin, marinate chicken breast with young garlic, thyme and rosemary for half an hour. Fry it until golden brown on a grill or pan. We cut and mix in equal proportions the ingredients - boiled new potatoes and carrots, fresh cucumber, egg white. Add fresh and canned peas. We fill with mayonnaise. Salt to taste.

    Just before serving, add Romano lettuce leaves so that they do not lose their freshness. We spread on a plate, put the chopped breast on top. We decorate the egg yolk cut in half.Then mix any greens: cilantro, chervil, dill, parsley and the most tender romano lettuce leaves with olive oil, crushed into a small ball and put on top. If you are not lazy, decorate all this with a leaf of celery and ground pink pepper.

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