• Sagittarius: the horoscope of love

    Love and relationship

    for Sagittarius

    This month, Sagittarius is recommended to pay off all the protracted conflicts and not to venture new squabbles. Otherwise, the moment will come when they collapse all together and break the relationship that you cherish. Look for mutual understanding with your other half and other close people.

    The second week is ideal for holidays or short breaks. Sagittarius should give up workloads, spend more time with family and friends. You can even not go anywhere, relax in the city - the main thing is to switch to the relaxed mode.

    The period from 16 to 22 number is fraught with disassembly of the financial line. Any questions related to how and what to spend the money should be discussed at the family council. If you make the decision on your own, your relatives will be offended at it for a long time.

    At the end of the month, all lazy Sagittarius should change their lifestyle a little bit: now you need more sport, more movement, more time in the fresh air. Do all this in company with your loved one, it will help you get even closer.And for lonely representatives of the mark, success in sports life will give a good figure and chances to meet a new love.

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