• Scarlet fever: symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

    Scarlet fever symptoms

    The causative agent of scarlet fever is toxigenic beta-hemolytic streptococcus belonging to group A. The defeat of the nasopharynx causes the occurrence of local inflammatory changes.

    Scarlet fever usually begins acutely. The body temperature rises, symptoms of general intoxication appear, weakness, fever, sore throat when swallowing. One of the most important symptoms of scarlet fever is a manifestation of angina. Cervical lymph nodes are enlarged and painful. The tongue is bright red and grainy. Vomiting often occurs. From the first day of the disease, a red or hot pink rash appears on the patient's skin, which disappears after a few days. After a week, the skin begins to peel off.

    Currently, the most common scarlet fever is mild. Intoxication is mild. Rash and fever bothers no more than 4-5 days.

    Severe scarlet fever is rare.In this form, there is the most violent reaction of the lymph nodes, necrotic tonsillitis. The main danger is septic complications. Otitis, lymphadenitis, glomerulonephritis, arthritis, myocarditis, pneumonia may occur.

    Diagnosis of scarlet fever

    The infectious disease doctor should differentiate scarlet fever from rubella, measles, and fat-like tuberculosis. The appearance of a characteristic rash on the first day, bright red granular tongue, sore throat, sore throat, bright red cheeks and a pale nasolabial triangle - a clinical picture that allows you to make an unmistakable diagnosis.

    Scarlet fever treatment

    In the mild form of scarlet fever the patient does not require hospitalization. Assign bed rest, penicillin, antihistamines. The patient must be isolated, as the disease is infectious.

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