• Several useful ways to use coffee cake in the garden

    Do not throw away the filters with coffee! In addition to a good reputation as an anti-cellulite and skin scrub agent, coffee cake is also the “brown gold” of gardeners. Due to the nutrient content and its structure, the cake is able to enrich the soil, improve its structure and adjust the quality of the leached soil, as well as provide protection to the plants.

    Sleeping coffee as a fertilizer

    Coffee grounds - an environmentally friendly source of nutrients (potassium, magnesium, nitrogen and phosphorus) to enrich the soil.

    Coffee cake can acidify the soil that has been found, because it is slightly acidic and has a pH of about 6.2, while the pH of an ideal soil is about 6.5.

    It is also known that sleeping coffee stimulates the growth of acidophytes, which include:

    • bushes - heathers, azaleas, rhododendrons, roses, wild rosemary;
    • berry crops - cranberries, blueberries, blueberries, cranberries;
    • perennials - primroses, gravel, dicentra, ferns.

    In addition, your lilies, hydrangeas, asparagus, tomatoes, and conifers will enjoy the soil acidified with coffee grounds.

    Please note that plant pigments, which are responsible for the color of plants, can change their structure depending on the acidity of the soil. For example, hydrangeas, especially sensitive to this factor, produce blue flowers in an acidic environment and red in normal soil.

    If your soil is too acidic (pH less than 6), add a little lime to the coffee cake. This alkaline substance helps to neutralize acidity and balance the soil. Coffee grounds are applied to the ground by preparing an infusion with plenty of water when preparing the compost and simply scattering it on the soil surface.


    Coffee cake serves as an excellent mulch material mixed with sawdust, eggshell and mowed grass. This prevents the drying and weathering of the soil. Before using the coffee cake in the beds, rinse it with water to remove any sugar and milk residues so as not to attract ants and prevent mold growth.Coffee grounds in a small amount can be added to the holes when planting seedlings and seeds.

    Coffee cake to protect plants in the garden

    Against slugs and snails.These mollusks love to feast on tender leaves of lettuce in the gardens, but coffee cake can knock down their appetite. Scatter a little cake on the surface around the plants, but not too close to the roots. This physical barrier with the sharp smell of slugs and snails is crossing reluctantly.

    Protection of plants from cats and dogs.Pets do not like the smell of coffee. If you do not want expensive quadrupeds not to spoil your flower beds, scatter around a little coffee cake.

    Against aphids.Water infused with sleeping coffee during the day can be sprayed at the roots of plants affected by aphids.

    Coffee cake efficientto prevent fungal infections,To which tomatoes, eggplants and peppers are especially susceptible. Protect them by sprinkling a small handful of dry coffee grounds around your plants.

    Coffee cake and compost

    Coffee cake, mixed with compost, improves its biological activity and allows the compost to decompose more quickly, which means that you will be able to quickly restore the quality of the soil.

    Warning: too much oil cake in the compost can create the opposite effect due to its acidity.

    Other ways to use coffee grounds

    The cake is favorable for earthworms, which is very important for good soil.

    Using Sleeped Coffee for Tracks

    Coffee grounds can replace salt or sand on tracks in the winter, preventing slipping. It has a similar effect due to its acidity. In addition, it is a cheaper and environmentally friendly method.

    Top dressing of garden plants

    In addition to garden plants, the feeding of soil with coffee cake is favorable for home floriculture, especially azaleas, ferns, anthurium, and others.

    If you yourself are not a coffee lover, but want to try its properties in the garden, do not hesitate to ask in a cafe near you. They are always happy to get rid of coffee cake.

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