• Should I change the old interior doors

    In pursuit of the beauty of the interior when repairing, many change interior doors to new, modern ones. But new does not mean good. Before you pay for your purchase, find out more about the new door, perhaps it will not be possible to install a new door. You should not be guided by the appearance, because modern materials quite successfully imitate precious woods, and the variety of designs is quite large.

    Most often, modern interior doors are made from the following materials: MDF, chipboard, solid wood, plastic. Slightly less used glass, metal.

    Of course, glass and solid wood doors will be the safest for human health, but they are expensive, so you have to pay attention to cheaper options. But with a decrease in the price, the quality drops sharply. For example, the most affordable doors can be made, at best, from wood waste, milled and glued, covered with artificial material.Inside such doors there is a honeycomb core (for example, from cardboard), therefore, the strength of such a web will be low. Also popular doors can be made of a different combination of materials - the frame can be pine, the filling - pressed cardboard, and the lining - MDF.

    What conclusion can be drawn from the above? If you have wooden doors installed in your house (of the Soviet or earlier period of production) and their condition is quite decent, it may be more beneficial for your health and the wallet to repair them, rather than acquire new, lower quality ones. But in the second half of the 20th century, frame doors were often installed with fragile fillers. These doors are practically not amenable to repair, so they definitely should be changed.

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