• Should I move to live in the United States?

    The USA is a big country with many states. There are a lot of immigrants here, and many are eager to get here and start life from scratch. But is the “American dream” really appealing? Having understood this, you can decide for yourself whether to move to the United States.

    Brief country description

    The United States of America is a country located in North America, stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic and occupying more than nine and a half million square kilometers of land. The number of inhabitants exceeds 325 million, and according to this indicator the country is in the top ten. The United States has fifty states, the Columbia, which is considered to be a federal district, is separately allocated, and a number of territories are officially subordinate to it. America borders with Mexico and Canada, and also has a maritime border with Russia.

    Interesting fact: The United States of America was formed in the second half of the XVIII century as a result of the unification of the thirteen colonies under the influence of Great Britain.

    Advantages of living in the USA

    First, consider the advantages of a permanent life in the United States:

    • Weather. The climate of the USA is rather mild, first of all, they are deprived of cold winters and sudden changes in temperature. Although in winter many states are snowing, the thermometer's column at this time of year seldom drops below 0 degrees, in summer there is about 28. And in some regions, heat is practically all year round. There are many residents and visitors happy about the number of sunny days: it rains very rarely, which happens no more than fifty times a year.
    • Features of nature. Of course, some states are located in dry savannas and deserts, but if you wish, you can make a trip inside the country and find yourself in stunningly beautiful corners with snowy slopes, rocks, dense forests, waterfalls, white beaches and warm clear sea.
    • Road condition. They are incredibly smooth here, so during a trip it may at some moment seem that the car is floating in the air. In addition, a well-developed and established communication between the states and cities: the territory has many highways and huge bridges, at the sight of which is breathtaking!
    • Job.There are a lot of jobs here, and the average level of earnings is in the range of 2-2.5 thousand dollars. Moreover, programmers will feel particularly free in America, because the country is a cluster of global IT companies. But in order to become an employee of a large corporation, you will have to show your best. People without special education, and even students, will also be able to find income if they make an effort and have patience.
    • Americans are very friendly and will come to the rescue if you find yourself in a difficult situation. They are not aggressive towards visitors and are quite calm towards them, since they do not see them as competitors and are under reliable protection of the state, due to which they can not search for their place under the sun.
    • Relatively inexpensive products and clothing. If you make purchases in the supermarket, keep track of promotions and discounts and eat on your own, then you can save on food without starving. You can also afford to periodically visit bistros and cafes, enjoying American burgers, which are considered the best in the world. Dressing can also be quite budget and decent.
    • Language.English is an international language that almost everyone has been taught in schools and universities. Call it very difficult can not, therefore, difficulties should arise. Speaking may differ slightly from the written, which is taught to students, but to master it really, especially constantly practicing.
    • Those who have already changed their place of residence and the "donkey" in America, mark such a pleasant moment as the absence of bureaucracy. Many manipulations can be accomplished without too much red tape, and sometimes even without leaving your home, using the Internet.
    • Service. Even going to a small store, you will receive a full service and be sure to get what you need. All specialists are qualified and do their job well.

    Disadvantages of living in America

    Living in the USA has certain disadvantages, and there are quite a few of them:

    • Difficult visa regime. US law does not establish an accurate and permanent list of required documents, so it is best to provide all that may be required. For registration can take from two to eight weeks, so you should prepare in advance.
    • To be able to constantly live and work in the country, you need to get a Green Card, that is, the so-called "green card". But it is given far from all, and this should be taken into account. Become its happy owner in several ways. The first is a reunion with relatives in America. And the immigrant can adopt a US citizen. The second way is marriage with an American. The third is to open your own business or make an investment in the state economy. The fourth way - employment in the country. In this case, the employer can issue a work visa, which will become the basis for obtaining a "green card". Another option is to obtain asylum for political, military, or religious reasons. And finally, the Green Card can be won in the lottery, if, of course, you will be lucky.
    • If you plan to stay in America forever, then you should obtain citizenship, and becoming a US citizen is also not easy, but still possible. To do this, you can marry with an American and be in it for at least three years, be the owner of the Green Card for five years or serve in the American Army.But a potential citizen should be fluent in the official language and be able to speak, write and read it, as well as know the structure of the state and its history.
    • Not the best criminal situation. First, in America there are many criminal areas - the so-called “ghettos”, in which Latin Americans, African Americans and other black nationalities live, usually aggressive towards white-skinned citizens, and especially to visitors. Secondly, every stateless American has the right to own a weapon, and this means that he can use it.
    • Quite strict, and sometimes just ridiculous laws. They are installed in individual states and therefore can vary greatly, and some of them lead to a stupor. Among the most ridiculous laws are bans on ridiculous children's haircuts, licking frogs, doing physical exercises while driving, cycling in pools, wearing transparent clothes and so on.
    • Problems with personal transport. You can buy it, but every American car owner knows how difficult it is to maintain it.First, you have to pay for parking, and not only at work, but in some cases at home. Secondly, car owners often face such a problem as traffic jams, which often arise in large cities and stretch tens of kilometers.
    • High cost of living. Almost everything is expensive here. For example, education in a prestigious university can cost several tens of thousands of dollars, schooling and even staying in kindergartens also require investments. Medical insurance is also considered expensive, but necessary pleasure, as well as any medical manipulations. The rental of real estate will also be a blow to the budget, and only wealthy people can afford it. Many Americans take loans and do not always repay them. The cost of housing maintenance will also be expensive, as it will have to pay not only utilities, but also take out trash and other trifles.
    • Lack of full maternity leave. Many pregnant women are forced to work almost until the very birth, and after the birth of a child, women go to work in just a few months.
    • Studying reviews of tourists and people who have moved to permanent residence in America, it can be concluded that Americans are not very sociable.So if you want to just talk or share your thoughts, then hardly anyone will support the conversation. Residents of the United States have little interest in the affairs of other people, sometimes even close ones.
    • The style and tastes of most Americans. Almost all dress simply and tastelessly: even young girls constantly wear jeans, shirts and stretched T-shirts. And it's not about the lack of beautiful clothes: it is quite possible to find her here. Just Americans appreciate, above all, comfort, not caring about appearance. And the love of burgers often leads to excess weight, so there are many obese people among the indigenous people.
    • Taxation system. If you plan to live in the US, then be prepared to give the nth part of your income to pay taxes.
    • In some states there is simply no public transport, and taxi services are expensive.

    Now you have found out almost everything you need to know about life in America, so you can definitely make the right decision.

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