• Simple and effective steam masks

    Beautiful, smooth skin of the face is the dream of every woman. And to make it a reality, systematic care is needed. To increase its effectiveness, cosmetologists recommend carrying out deep cleansing procedures. In salons and beauty salons, in this case, you can offer peeling or mechanical / ultrasonic cleaning. They really are very effective.

    But, unfortunately, not all are suitable and recommended. In this case, a steam mask can help, which every woman will be able to do at home. We are pleased to share recipes.

    Mechanism of action

    Those who have been rewarded by nature with normal skin type can usually be cleaned with scrubs and low concentrated peeling compositions. But those whose skin is too thin and sensitive, as well as those whose vessels are very close to the surface, were somewhat less fortunate. After all, abrasive particles can damage the delicate cover.

    Paring mask for such cases is the safest and most gentle option. It is also suitable for girls with problematic skin, because rashes and redness are another contraindication to the use of products with solid particles.

    How does such a mask work?

    1. It raises the temperature of the skin surface, opening the pores and improving metabolic processes.
    2. As a result of opening the pores, oxygen has the ability to penetrate deeper, thereby giving the face a more healthy look.
    3. Temperature affects the synthesis of collagen, activating its production, resulting in increased elasticity.
    4. All the pollution appears outside, gradually ridding the fair sex of black spots and even acne.

    The main advantage of such procedures is safety. There is no need to sit, covered with a towel, over a freshly boiled broth. It is enough just to apply the composition to the skin, which immediately begins to act.

    Proper use

    But in order for the tool to work for the good, it is necessary to apply it correctly. Here are a few rules:

    1. Steaming out mask and face steaming over a container with hot contents are two separate procedures that cannot be done at the same time. Double thermal effects can cause the death of a certain number of cells.
    2. It is advisable to apply the scrub after the mask.
    3. After applying the composition, to achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to cover the face with a paper napkin with slots for the mouth and eyes. You can also use pieces of cling film. This will help create a “sauna effect”.
    4. The optimal session duration is 10-20 minutes.
    5. You can make such masks no more than once every ten days.

    For everyone

    Facial masks that have a thermal effect can be:

    With zinc

    This tool is suitable for any skin type, but the most pronounced effect will be noticeable on the problem.

    To prepare the mask will need 1 tbsp. zinc ointment (it can be purchased at almost any pharmacy), 1 tsp. white clay and some fresh cucumber juice. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed and applied to the face.

    Steaming out composition with zinc will help eliminate oily shine, black spots and perfectly moisturize, giving freshness.

    With oatmeal

    Prepare 20 grams of oatmeal, 1 tsp. soda and some warm milk to dilute the mixture to a slurry. This composition perfectly exfoliates, cleanses the pores, tones and makes the skin more tender due to milk.

    With honey and yolks

    This simple recipe is available to everyone, and the effect can often be compared even with professional cosmetic procedures. 2 tbsp. Honey mixed with 2 yolks and gradually heated in a water bath. Make sure that the temperature is not high, otherwise the yolk may curl.

    This tool quickly opens the pores, removes greasy plugs, and also nourishes the skin with its beneficial substances.

    With potatoes

    The easiest option, which is suitable even for very busy women. You just need to boil 1-2 potatoes, carefully knead them, let them cool down a little and distribute on the face. Cover with a towel and leave for 15 minutes.

    Potato mask will help remove puffiness, remove signs of fatigue, clean pores and even make fine lines less noticeable. And if you rub the skin after the procedure with a decoction of chamomile, you will also get an excellent soothing effect.

    From the semolina

    Cook thick semolina porridge in water without adding any other ingredients. Allow to cool slightly, apply on face with dense layer. Cover with cling film and leave for 20 minutes.

    In addition to the steaming effect, the manna mixture has several beneficial effects - it nourishes and whitens perfectly.

    With salt

    Nothing complicated, just dissolve 2 tbsp. in 1 liter. boiled water.Before the procedure, apply a moisturizer on clean skin and after 20 minutes a towel soaked in warm saline solution.

    Very cautiously it is worth using these tools to those who suffer from rosacea, acne and have problems with blood pressure.

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