• Simple ways to get rid of pests in potted plants

    The green corner in the apartment perfectly refreshes the interior, and improves the microclimate of the room. Unfortunately, in order for the “home garden” to grow and flourish, it is necessary to rid the soil of parasites and possible infections. Processing should be subjected to the soil from the garden, and specialized mixtures purchased in the store. Use one of the easiest ways to disinfect the soil, which will preserve its beneficial properties.

    Tincture shag for watering

    For such a composition, 200 grams of dry shag are poured with three liters of boiling water and left for 2-3 days. In the finished tincture add 7 liters of water, which is used for watering indoor plants.

    Garlic or matches

    In each pot, depending on its size, drip one or more cloves of garlic, the active substances can easily cope with harmful bacteria.The same effect can be achieved by sticking several matches with the heads down into the ground. Sulfur has high disinfecting properties.

    Honey Flies for midges

    Build small flags from knitting needles or wooden sticks and a piece of paper. Paper is better to take bright colors. Smear each box with honey - the midges will stick to it, not reaching the plant itself. Change bait every few days.

    Dry orange peel

    Cut the peel of an orange or other citrus fruits into small pieces, then dry. Put some crusts in each pot. Change the crusts as soon as they begin to damp.

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