• Social network users again compared Nicole Kidman with a seal

    After the February Oscar ceremony on the Web, Nicole Kidman was not so much about the nominees and winners: the actress attracted attention with strange applause, because of which she was compared to a seal, then a seal and Grinch (there were many versions). Then Nicole was justified by the fact that clapping her hands in her human way was hampered by a huge uncomfortable ring, which she was also afraid to damage. Well, she was almost believed! But not for long.

    A new incident happened during the next solemn ceremony, this time in one of the legendary shopping centers of the world Printemps in Paris. Every year, it is decorated for Christmas by fashion brands, including Burberry and Dior: the decorations alone can occupy several floors, from skilful installations it is breathtaking, and the opening of shop windows turns into a celebration to which celebrities are invited. This year Nicole was one of them.The star of the series “The Big Little Lie” came to the celebration in a midi skirt of green color and a blue chiffon blouse with open shoulders, showing a slim figure and ... all the same strange manner of applauding. Users of social networks have already noticed that there were not huge rings on her fingers.

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