• Solarium. How often can you walk?

    Irina Vashchenko
    Irina Vashchenko
    February 14, 2013
    Solarium. How often can you walk?

    Recently, we all persistently suggest that having a tan is fashionable and prestigious. From projection screens and glamor magazines, hundreds of tanned beauties look at us - young, charming, successful and satisfied with themselves. Therefore, no matter how many dermatologists say about the dangers of sunburn, no girl has yet resisted the temptation to turn from a gray mouse into a Hollywood diva, just going for it several times to a solarium. How often can you go there and to whom is it strictly prohibited? These two questions will be the main topic of our further discussion on the benefits and harms of artificial tan.

    • Tanning is not recommended for all children, people with very light and thin skin, pregnant women, people suffering from hypertension or cardiovascular diseases. It is strictly forbidden to visit the solarium for people with multiple large moles, people who have been treated for malignant tumors or have close relatives suffering from skin cancer.
    • A healthy person, after compulsory consultation with a doctor, can attend a tanning salon without damage to health no more than fifty times a year, and the intervals between sessions, on average lasting about ten minutes each, should be at least two days.
    • A visit to a tanning salon for people with different skin types may differ significantly from the average standard. Now let's talk a little more about how often you can visit a tanning salon, depending on your skin type.

    Time and frequency of visits to the solarium

    • If you are a girl with red hair, you have a lot of freckles, your skin is milky white and translucent, then you have the first Celtic skin type and you should forget about tanning completely. A visit to the tanning salon will end for you only with burns and blisters on the skin, which, despite all this suffering, will remain pale.
    • You have blue or green eyes and very blond hair, are you a natural blonde? We can upset you - it is almost impossible to get a deep bronze tan on the skin of your Scandinavian type. You can attend a tanning course of ten sessions, no more than five minutes each, and the first visit should not last more than three minutes. The intervals between sessions are 2-3 days.
    • Light brown or brown hair, gray or brown eyes - therefore, you have European skin type and tan on it will go smoothly and quickly. We recommend limiting the first visits to the solarium to five minutes, bringing them to ten later.
    • Tan skin of the Asian type, in principle, does not need tanning, but if you really want to go to a tanning salon, start with seven minutes and smoothly bring them to twelve. A course of 5-7 visits will be enough for you.

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