• Skoroshenko, or "boiled" whims of peas

    Skoroshenko, or "boiled" whims of peasPeas are rather whimsical, however, like other beans. But its importance as a product for the body is priceless, which time after time pushes the hostess to the preparation of various dishes from this cereal. For example, you can cook a lean version of pea soup, which is boiled in water and dressed with roasted vegetables. An alternative option would be a rich soup, cooked on chicken or meat broth. But polka dots are not at all impressive when it is firm and undercooked. How to cook peas so that it does not spoil the whole dish? Need to know some of the nuances of its preparation.

    How to quickly cook peas for soup

    The main secret of cooking is soaking. In the ideal case - for the whole night. But no one is immune from force majeure, so half an hour before the start of cooking is enough. But keep in mind, the less time you take to soak, the greater the risk of getting an unlucky dish.

    Tips on how to quickly cook peas - do not count.Everyone has a grandmother's recipe, an unusual way suggested by a neighbor, or the knowledge gained from his own experience. So how to cook peas, so as not to negate all our subsequent efforts? And most importantly, how to boil the peas more quickly, without standing at the stove all day long?Skoroshenko, or "boiled" whims of peas

    Pea wisdom

    We offer you a whole list of various options that answer the panic question of many housewives “how to cook peas quickly?”:

    1. If you can not afford even thirty minutes soaking, then during the boiling it is necessary to monitor the amount of water. During the entire period of preparation of this plant from the family of legumes, you need to add a little cold water (each time about 100 grams).
    2. You can also add peas while cooking meat to the soup. Even without soaking the grits will cook in about an hour and a half.
    3. A pinch of soda can be added to the boiling croup, which will soften it after 7 minutes.
    4. In order not to bother with the constant addition of water, you should put the soaked and well-washed fruits on the frying pan for about a quarter of an hour, while it must be constantly stirred.
    5. Quickly boil the peas will help us oil: butter, vegetable, olive. We are also satisfied with any animal fat. This will significantly speed up the seemingly difficult process called “how to cook pea soup quickly”. A few spoons of fat during the boil will greatly simplify the life of the hostess.
    6. Rinse peas well, and then cover the cereal with boiling water and add a tablespoon of soda. Leave in this position for twenty minutes. After the allotted time, drain the water, rinse thoroughly and put to cook.
    7. A spoon of sugar can also help us quickly prepare cereals for soup.Skoroshenko, or "boiled" whims of peas

    At last

    How to cook peas quickly is a mass of secrets, and among them any housewife can choose for herself the way that suits his taste. However, it should be remembered that peas can be cooked quickly only if we take split peas, and not whole ones. Halves are cooked for about forty-five minutes, well, and whole peas - up to one and a half hours. And it doesn’t matter how to cook peas - quickly or not so much, the main thing is to invest part of it in it.Skoroshenko, or "boiled" whims of peas

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