• Stupid questions about the clock: continued

    We once again with Alexander Shtein, an expert in the jewelry network SUNLIGHT, to find out whether it's worth investing in watches, what models are popular in Russia, and what kind of animals are all these tourbillons and skeletons?

    What form of clock to choose: a circle, a square? What is in fashion today, what is considered a classic?

    It is said that the watch case, as well as the frame of the glasses, is chosen according to the shape of the face. There is some truth in this: working as a consultant, I have repeatedly noticed how visitors intuitively choose a harmonious form for their appearance. In general, whatever one may say - the clock is round, and this form is for everyone. But there are nuances. So, adherents of conservative views choose rectangular models, bohemia - oval or so-called form "barrel" (fr tonneau).All forms of watches that have lasted without much change for more than a decade can be considered classic. There are, for example, sports models that can be worn with flip-flops and with a suit, as their design has already become iconic.

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    If we talk about fashion, style, design, then I would break everything produced by the watch industry into several groups:

    "Suit" watches.They differ in laconic design of the dial with indices (strokes and Roman numerals) on a white or black background. For aesthetes, you can advise the blue dial on a black or brown strap, depending on what color shoes. Rarely you will find a steel bracelet in this category, it spoils the cuffs, but if there are a lot of shirts in the wardrobe, this will not be a problem. A distinctive feature of the costume watches is a thin case, they should be easily hidden under the cuffs.

    Hours for every day.There are absolutely universal models that look great with fins and a three-piece suit. Typically, these watches have a cast bracelet with a three-row weave, a dial with a large marking, three hands and a calendar. As for colors, then most often we will meet a black, white, gray or blue dial with a contrasting hand. Polished body can be both glossy and matte.

    Sports watch.You can divide this category into three subgroups: land, air, and water, since it all depends on the sport you are into.Each element has its own distinctive design features - bezel, arrows and pointers.

    Jewelry watches.For their production using precious metals and stones.

    Fashion-watch.This group is characterized by all sorts of experiments with shape and color.

    Watch that looks expensive - what is it?

    Quality. The main thing in watches, whether they are tools or accessories, is their quality. And here the main components are a well-made case and a clean dial.,worthy belt or bracelet.

    Should I buy a watch made of precious metals, with stones?

    As an investment, of course not. In fact, with watches as with cars: the price will increase over time only if you bought some extremely rare and exclusive model. Prices for gold watches are generally very high. You can always check the value of gold on the London Stock Exchange: the price per gram is stable, fluctuations are imperceptible. The cost of the work is not so great if the case has no complicated faces, and the practical quartz movement and dial do not cost a lot of money. There are many jewelry companies that produce watches of gold. Find out the weight of the alloy and calculate how much you can return by passing the clock to the pawnshop.Take only metal - and this will not be a particularly impressive amount, as with the decoration.

    What hours should start the collection?

    First, decide what you want to collect and what budget are willing to spend. If we talk about the basic wardrobe, then for a girl it is a watch on a metal bracelet with a monochrome dial. The decor is also possible, it depends on your style. I would recommend models with no more than twelve stones or a mother-of-pearl dial, this will be quite enough. Girls often change the colors of clothes, so you need to choose a bracelet to match the color of the jewelry, but you can even find it in two or three colors - bicolor metal. If we talk about men, then this is a steel case, a black belt or a bracelet, Roman numerals, if you prefer a more conservative style. The second model in the collection can be a watch designed for outdoor activities, the third one can be either a status model in a high price segment, or, on the contrary, an inexpensive watch as an accessory for your mood.

    Does the fashion for watches differ by country: what is the trend in Italy, the States, China?

    In Italy, adore the yellow and pink colors of metal, bracelets and large forms.Women's watches often have a non-standard form, bracelets with a jewelery braiding, which is called "Milanese" or "shark" (if it's a men's watch). It was fashionable in the 60s, and now this fashion has returned. In the States, everything is simple and everything is difficult - the culture is too diverse, and the watches are bought mainly by focusing on the brand, not style. In China, in honor of the case of small size, yellow and Roman numerals. Steel bracelets, because of the hot climate, leather come into disrepair faster. But in Russia, as in the States, everything is for sale.

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    Hourly trends - 2016/2017, what are they?

    The small size of the dial, jewelry work, mother of pearl. Pink and black metal, gray and azure dial. Why are these trends exactly? Do not ask, they just are. If we talk about fashion for bracelets, then these are chains, Milanese weaving, leather under an alligator.

    How often does watch fashion change?

    Twenty percent of the assortment changes annually, the rest of the models live for decades. In the past two hundred years, the watch fashion has changed dramatically three times.

    All these tourbillons, skeletons - what's the buzz?

    It's like asking why you need art? Do you know the answer? They say beautiful. Well, I'm for practical minimalism.

    What should I look for when buying a watch?

    On the quality of the belt or bracelet, if you choose an accessory. If the tool - then on the readability of the dial.

    What models combine price and quality?

    The less complicated the bells and whistles, the more reliable, and more affordable.

    Is it worth buying watches cheaper than 5 000 rubles?

    I can say for sure that you should think before buying a watch that is more expensive than 15,000 rubles, if it is quartz, because the amount is higher - this is a premium for marketing. Even inexpensive watches with a Japanese mechanism in a plastic or aluminum alloy case serve for years, and if they break, the warranty solves all the problems. There are interesting companies that win on the volume, do not save on quality and create a decent product. Let's not forget that Swatch watches once cost 30-50 dollars and fed the whole of Switzerland.

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