• Taoist secrets of love

    In modern Western medicine, the secrets of Taoos are recognized by an increasing number of sex therapists, since these techniques not only increase the sexual health of a person, but also significantly improve his spiritual state. In books that teach Taoist secrets of love, there are individual exercises that allow men to delay ejaculation, thereby significantly saving their vital energy. In addition, thanks to Taoist practices, one can develop the ability to receive repeated orgasms for both women and men. Most students master these techniques in 3-6 months, and the first results are already visible after a few weeks - of course, subject to full adherence to the advice and regular exercise.

    Also in the modern books describing the secrets of Taoist sexual practices, a detailed study of these techniques is given by the two of them, which also opens up new horizons for young couples and spouses who want to bring a qualitative variety to their sex life.In addition, Taoist practices address specific issues of intimate homosexual couples and the problems of premature ejaculation, as well as provide advice on getting rid of infertility, psychological / physical impotence, and other problems of the urogenital area. Having studied the secrets of love discovered by the wise Taoists, men and women will learn to maintain the most vivid and sensual intimacy between themselves throughout their lives, while at the same time moving on to a completely new level of spiritual intimacy.

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