• Tell me, please, how can I reset my password on Windows 7?

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    Answered on November 9, 2016 15:03
    In principle, there are two options: the first is the Offline NT Password Editor program, which is loaded from the live cd and the second is a reset using the Win7 installation disk. What will be easier for you?
    I don’t have any Live CDs, but I have a CD with Windows 7. What to do then?
    Answered on November 9, 2016 15:11, VikRez |
    Answered on November 9, 2016 15:28
    I had the same problem: I hadn’t used my home laptop for a long time and as a result I forgot my user password. I tried to restore or reset somehow on my own, but nothing happened. I decided to search the Internet for an article about resetting the password of Windows 7 and came across this one There everything is very intelligibly described, so I recommend reading and the problem will be solved.
    Answered on November 9, 2016 15:34
    I just wanted to unsubscribe and saw the answer of Tina) I read it, an excellent manual, you can safely use it.

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