• Tell me, from what meat is it better to cook kharcho?

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    Mrs. Martha
    Mrs. Martha
    Answered on November 27, 2014 08:42
    You know, harc is boiled from any meat now. Well, such a life))) What they bought, from this and cooked. And it really turns out delicious from anyone. But pork is somehow not very good for kharcho. And even duck and goose can be cooked tasty Kharcho. But the coolest kharcho you come out of lamb! If you want a good broth, then take the lamb with a bone. The ribs will go well on the broth. Another tasty is obtained from the bottle caps. Here I do not recommend the scoop. There is not much meat on it, and the bone is big. Lamb saddle - sacrum. This is generally the most tsimus) In general, take the lamb with a bone. Then you will definitely have a tasty kharcho.
    Common Miracle
    Common Miracle
    Answered 25 December 2014 15:54
    I made from beef and moose meat.

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