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    The format of the fb2 file can be opened on a computer

    How to open fb2 extension



    FB2 is a popular e-book format. It is increasingly gaining popularity among people, due to the fact that it is used in book-keepers, mobile phones, tablets.How to open fb2 file format?Without a special program on the computer, it will not be possible to open and read the format of the fb2 file. There are many programs - readers for.fb2 file extensionapplicable to computer and telephone, including those with touchscreen support. Visually, some look like a book, there is a setting of fonts, background colors, design, and many other small things, including automatic page turning. You can search and buy books that interest you through these programs. We now turn directly to the consideration of programs that can open fb2 file extensions.


    How to open fb2 file on computer



    The first, in our opinion, is noteworthy program "FBReader«,You can download it for free on the developers website.http://www.fbreader.orgIt fits many operating systems for both computer (Windows XP / Vista / 7, Linux), and for mobile phones (Nokia, Android) and others. Convenient and easy to use. With it, you can open the file format fb2 and print on your computer.


    Another powerful opening program of the FB2 format -Cool ReaderYou can download this program to open the fb2 extension on the developer’s website. To do this, copy the link -http://coolreader.org/Try a similar program -AlReaderyou can download it on the sitehttp://www.alreader.com/They have a nice visual design, good functionality and the most pleasant thing is that they are free. With their help, you can open not only the .fb2 file extension, but many others.

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