• The aerobics queen Jane Fonda traded ninth ten

    When the whole world knows your biography, it’s pointless to hide your date of birth. On the contrary, this is a way to shock the audience: how many women at the age of 80 can boast a girlish figure and a fervent look?

    American film star, also called the aerobics grandmother, celebrates its 80th anniversary on December 21. Contrary to the well-established stereotype of the main female dignity - youth, Jane in her more than elegant age is in demand both as an actress and as a model (cosmetic giants are eager to get it as the face of their products). What is the recipe for her unfading youth?

    Cannes, 2015 Jane on any red carpet - queen
    Photo: Denis Makarenko

    Jane does not hide her beauty secrets, but happily talks about them in an interview. In order to remain young, healthy and beautiful as long as possible, she tries to move a lot and avoid lack of sleep.But physical activity must necessarily be accompanied by at least an active lifestyle, so Jane boils both public and private life.

    The actress is a member of several public organizations, is engaged in charitable activities, works as a UN Goodwill Ambassador. She had three official husbands, and there are legends about her novels and affections. At the same time for the sake of the profession she did not have to sacrifice his female destiny: Jane has two children - a daughter, Vanessa, and a son, Troy.

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    She enters the ninth decade of life with her head held high and the girl's article (after all, the decades devoted to aerobics were not in vain!). And she does not want to be in her eighty to have a face of forty years old and proudly carries all her wrinkles. After all, for each of them - and the torment of creativity, and suffering from adultery, and the pain of the imperfections of the world. Fear of wrinkles is a complex, and all this Jane has already experienced and does not make drama out of inevitability. Perhaps that is why in her 80 years she looks amazing, despite all the wrinkles. Jane - a real example to follow, because not everyone can look like this even in 40 years.

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