• The best and fashionable names for girls 2016

    The most original and fashionable names for girls 2015

    Even during pregnancy, mothers and fathers think about how to name a baby. Not always future parents immediately come to a unanimous decision. Sometimes the dispute lasts all nine months. But as soon as the father or mother takes the newborn in her arms, it immediately becomes clear which of the names best suits the baby.

    Girl Names by Month 2016

    The list of female names is so long that it is really very difficult for parents to choose the most beautiful. We recommend that you in the first stage of the selection substitute the surname and patronymic under the name of the daughter. It often happens that it is very difficult to pronounce a beautiful word together with the patronymic / surname, or they simply are not consonant.

    Every year all new names for girls appear. This is due to the influence of foreign countries, as well as television. Sometimes parents name the child as their favorite actor or actress is called, the hero in the series they like. In addition, the new names of 2015 are well forgotten old ones, for example, Euphrosyne, Evdokia, Iriada, Claudia, Zoya.Therefore, if you want the child to be called somehow unusual, remember how your grandmothers and great-grandmothers were called, maybe you will like something.

    Today, more and more often newly minted parents name their daughters by month or date. Every day according to the church calendar, you can choose a name for the calendar. It is not necessary to focus on the names of the Saints, which are relevant specifically on the baby's birthday, you can view options for the coming days or weeks. But remember: there is a belief among people that a child can bear the name of only those days that go after the date of birth. For example, if the baby was born on the 15th, then look at the variants for the saints for the 15-30s, and not for the 1-15th. In this case, the child will always keep up with the times, strive for new achievements.

    The most original and fashionable names for girls in 2015

    Monthly List

    • January: Agnia, Anna, Margarita, Tatiana, Vasilisa, Uliana, Polina, Claudia, Anastasia, Eugenia.
    • February: Christina, Zoya, Inna, Valeria Ksenia, Rimma, Galina, Svetlana, Aglaya, Maria.
    • March: Sofia, Veronika, Polina, Evdokia, Nika, Marina, Antonina, Margarita, Anastasia.
    • April: Darina, Anna, Anastasia, Maria, Tamila, Lydia, Alla, Irina, Svetlana.
    • May: Taisia, Milana, Vladlena, Maria, Zoya, Elizaveta, Christina, Julia, Alexandra, Claudia.
    • June: Sofia, Polina, Maria, Eden, Kira, Anna, Valeria, Christina, Angelina, Ivanna.
    • July: Marina, Sara, Olga, Zhanna, Inna, Alevtina, Elena, Anna, Margarita, Julia.
    • August: Christina, Maria, Anita, Svetlana, Alexandra, Milena, Valentina, Nonna, Eugene.
    • September: Sofia, Aida, Natalia, Vera, Lyubov, Lyudmila, Elizaveta, Anna, Nina.
    • October: Ariadne, Anastasia, Veronika, Valeria, Marina, Pelageya, Zarina, Zlata.
    • November: Uliana, Elena, Anastasia, Alena, Claudia, Christina, Nina, Evdokia, Margaret.
    • December: Catherine, Zoya, Anna, Olga, Barbara, Maria, Angelina.

    The best and new names for girls in 2016

    The most popular in 2016 are the following names for girls: Polina, Sofia, Zlata, Eva, Anastasia, Karina. In addition, parents continue to give preference to the international - Mary, Anna, Anastasia, Elizabeth. This is not strange, because they have inspirational interpretations. So, for example, Maria takes primacy of popularity among female names all over the world, and means “bitter”. This word has a deep meaning, it embodies the suffering of the Virgin Mary.

    The girl with this name is very experienced and purposeful, kind and fair. But the name Anna is translated from the Hebrew language as “gracious”, which means that the child will be kind to everyone around him.

    The most original and fashionable names for girls in 2015

    Be sure to read the meaning of the name, your baby. After all, it is not in vain that people say that the strength of the name further influences the formation of character.

    And remember: any name you choose will certainly become the best for your girl!

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