• The best films of 2017 that you might have missed

    Andrei Zvyagintsev doesn’t indulge his hero, looks at them with cold eyes, thus giving the audience a chance to change something not in the cinema, but in their own life.


    Gentle, in general, a comedy about a family of young doctors who decided to live separately as part of a tiny odnushki.
    Director Boris Khlebnikov invited to play infantile in life, but brave in the profession of physician Oleg actor Alexander Yatsenko, who in forty years is full of youthful enthusiasm. Irina Gorbacheva played Katya's wife. The “Arrhythmia” was assigned the mission of the second “Dislike”, only warm. However, neither the film nor Khlebnikov need any comparisons, and edification in Arrhythmia, in contrast to Non-Love, is not at all.


    A satirical comedy exposing not so much modern art as modern people received the Golden Palm in Cannes and five awards from the European Film Academy.
    Swede Ruben Estlund himself wrote the script and made this movie, which gives a bitter feeling of recognizing oneself in characters with whom I would not like to deal with.
    Still a cute, divorced, well-educated Christian works as a curator in the Museum of Modern Art. Once he was robbed in a boorish way on the street. Tracking the location of his iphone, Christian went to the house where the gadget is located, and shoved all the notes in the apartment with threats. So begins this film, in which empty reverie in front of modern art borders on a high ability to multiply meanings, and intelligent indecision on cowardice.

    "The Last Hero"

    Not an outstanding, but a pretty tale about a cowardly and cunning modern guy Vanya, who fell into the magical countryside of Belogorie. There Ivan contacts with Koshchei, Baba-Yaga and Vasilisa and goes in search of a sword-kladentsa.
    Maybe this movie would not deserve to be included in the list of the best films - 2017, if it were not for one important fact: “The Last Bogatyr” broke the box office record, becoming the most successful Russian film image.


    The most tragic and dark movie about people X. Directed by James Mangold achieved a rare effect: the reality where the mutants live was, albeit terrible and almost hopeless, but convex and lively.So few could combine emotions and action, among them Peter Jackson or, for example, the creators of Game of Thrones.
    In 2029, Wolverine, who was heavily hand over, hangs around the Mexican border, hiding Professor X in the bunker. Gradually, "fresh blood" poured into the movie: first an aggressive baby with claws, like Wolverine, and then other teen mutants. It is with them and will be linked the next generation of films about the people of X.


    The film of Christopher Nolan about the sign evacuation of British soldiers, squeezed in 1940 by the Germans directly to the coast.
    The action takes place in the sky, on the ground and on the water, and time flows non-linearly. In the sky with German bombers, the hero Tom Hardy fights, the sea is stranded in Dunkirk sail to save British private vessels, and on the fired beach soldiers and generals try not to lose hope of salvation. "Dunkirk" has the magic of full immersion in what is happening on the screen: the viewer is placed under bullets on the ground, flooded in a ship going under the water, forced to squint from the blinding blue sky at altitude - so that in the finale you can feel ... no, not a hero, but escaped.


    Jordan Peel's satirical thriller, in which not only racial clichés are played (the main character is African American and his girlfriend is European), but also a horror genre cliche.
    The guy Chris, who came to get acquainted with the parents of his girlfriend, feels that something is amiss in their house. The girl's mom still strives to conduct a hypnosis session that will cure Chris from smoking, and the only black guest at the party screams in a wild voice for Chris to run away. Run as a result have, and very quickly. After all, the story will take not only a very bloody, but also a sci-fi turn.

    "Call me with your name"

    The solar tactile film of Luke Guadagnino, where the action takes place on the Italian coast in the 80's. At the professor's villa, where the son of the university lecturer, seventeen-year-old Elio, spends the summer, graduate student Oliver arrives. The last one is played by Armi Hammer, a sex appeal reminiscent of Judah Lowe in The Talented Mr. Ripley. Young curly Elio, who falls in love and matures, and handsome as a god, Oliver is an eternal male couple, known from ancient Greek myths.

    "Blade Runner - 2049"

    The continuation of the cult film Ridley Scott shot Denis Villeneuve and did it with respect and taste, but still without originality. However, a visually impressive film asks all the same existential questions as the cyberpunk noir of thirty-five years ago. In addition, the old heroes are not forgotten: the replicant hunter performed by Ryan Gosling meets his predecessor, Harrison Ford.


    The screen version of the famous novel by Stephen King tells about the childhood of the main characters and their collision with a terrible force, living in the town of Derry.
    Director Andres Musketti and wonderful child actors showed something that had not been in children's cinema for a long time: the spirit of adventure, springs in their legs, curiosity and romanticism. And the fear does not fascinate and does not dominate, forcing numbness and going crazy, but only inspires new adventures. Only here the clown Penny was too glossy, as if just from a toy store.

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