• The craftswoman turned the room with a sloping ceiling into a stylish dressing room

    • Anonymous


    • http://supergarderob.comKonstantin

      Excellent result and very interesting article. Tell me please, can I share this material with my website visitors? Site about wardrobe supergarderob.com

    • Anonymous

      The wardrobe idea is awesome. Only without upholstery pallet boards. And with them the attic turned into an old wooden shed.

    • Killed

      Turning a clean, clean wall into a barn imitation is a superdecor inspiring fear of such designers and the flight of their imagination.

    • Gelena

      The photo looks very stylish, but how it is actually perceived is difficult to understand, plus most of it will be covered with things, and this should also be done neatly and beautifully. I want to wish the craftswoman good luck, so everything turned out great!

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