• The guy and his favorite dog are very similar to each other. Charming portraits of two friends.

    The inseparable connection between an animal and a person, who have been around for a long time, becomes so strong that they can even begin to look the same. When Topher Brophy met a charming dog named Rosenberg, they quickly became friends. As Brophy himself says,“Rosenberg has a special temperament unlike any other dogs I've ever met. This dog has an almost royal sense of calm, confidence and inner wisdom. ”This wonderful couple has another distinctive feature - an amazing coincidence, it is strange, but Brophy and Rosenberg are very strangely similar.

    Their resemblance is striking, for example, eye color, long hair, and wild beards, and of course similar outfits, which makes them almost twins.This is certainly a joke, but they are really incredibly similar. Their choice of clothing has a very wide range, from practical, casual wear, such as shirts and vests, to the most unexpected playful costumes, such as hippie attire, sailor, or cowboy. Miraculously, Brophy always manages to find the exact same clothes for Rosenberg, only in a much smaller size. And when it comes to posing, both are on the same wave - their facial expressions are parallel to each other, and this would seem to be a very difficult way to get an animal to pose like that. As needed. Probably, it's all about their internal communication.

    The cute and funny similarity for Brophy makes simple sense.“We are just so physically alike, and we do everything together, so we feel natural in our clothes and posing.”Look at the amazing pictures from Brophy, to which you can subscribe and follow this pair yourself.

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