• Magic properties of jewelry: fiction or reality?

    Magic properties of jewelry: fiction or reality?For millennia, decorations were considered talismans, amulets, amulets. Many people doubt that these products can prevent misfortune and attract good forces. Is only scientific and technical progress to blame? There are other reasons: ignorance, skepticism, limited horizons.

    What was the original meaning of the jewelry?

    Our ancient ancestors wore rings, bracelets, necklaces, hairpins for magical protection, for good luck. Those who are entrusted with the wholesale sale of jewelry, you need to pay more attention to this mystical value of jewelry. They can serve two purposes: to be elegant accessories and talismans, amulets.

    Unfortunately, there are many unseemly phenomena among people: unkind attitude, envy, evil eye, damage. There is the expression "kill by sight", not devoid of real background. From the point of view of magic, bracelets, necklaces, beads protect against the evil eye and wounds.Archaeologists find in tombs magical jewelry, which has more than 5 thousand years of age!

    Does jewelry have magical properties?

    Many dictionaries mention that the amulet protects against disasters and diseases. Charm has the same properties, but it is not always worn on itself. The broader concept of "talisman" - a subject that attracts good luck, ensures well-being and serves as a talisman.

    There is a misconception that only precious metal products, precious stones, have magical power. But even plastic beads can play the role of a talisman. For magical products are used a variety of materials:

    • metals and alloys (copper, gold, silver, bronze, brass);

    • precious, semi-precious, synthetic stones;

    • wood of different types of trees;

    • bones of fish and animals, tusks;

    • leather, fur;

    • clay;

    • glass.

    An amulet is almost any jewelry that is the fruit of human hands, has undergone special training (cleansing and other mystical actions). Different images, letters, geometric shapes that increase the protective role can be applied.

    Today, jewelry has become the most common type of talismans. Rarely on whom in our day can one see anything meaningless rings, bracelets, pendants or earrings for a person. Certain subconscious reactions and hopes are associated with each of these products. They are the basis of the magical power of jewelry. Emotions, memories, thoughts accumulate in beautiful accessories, set in motion the forces of the subconscious. In order to prevent them from drying out, you need to love your jewelry, treat it as a protector, a “magnet” for useful thoughts and good feelings.

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