• The main mistakes when growing seedlings pepper

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    Everyone knows that the harvest depends on the quality of the grown seedlings. This directly concerns the seedlings of pepper. To get a guaranteed yield of pepper, you need to know the basic rules of growing seedlings and not repeat the common mistakes of gardeners.
    Do not get involved in pre-treatment of seeds, especially solutions of potassium permanganate. Processing seeds of pepper with potassium permanganate should be carried out only with a pink solution for no more than 30 minutes, then rinse the seeds in clean water. Darker solutions "burn" and dry seeds.
    Shoots of pepper seeds will be friendly, if the soil with sown seeds is constantly wetted (not wet), and the temperature is constant within 25-30 ° C from the moment of sowing and until germination.
    Many gardeners have their containers, pots on the batteries of heating. After all, sometimes it is the warmest place in the house.Do not forget that the soil in small tanks instantly dries. It should be remembered that after the first drying of the soil with sown seeds, seedlings may not appear, since the seeds that have hatching will simply die.
    Pepper is not very powerful root system. Therefore, it is better to exclude such a technique as picking up seedlings for beginners, and to grow it not in a general box, but separately, for example, in cups. Although this is a controversial issue. Experienced gardeners are able to grow peppers and with a pick.
    The lack of light, obtained during the period of growing seedlings, will certainly have a negative impact on the yield. Therefore, the seedlings of pepper must be highlighted in addition at least 12 hours a day.
    We can not allow the stretching of seedlings. This will lead to the fall of the buds in the future. If there is no additional illumination, then it is better to sow the seeds of pepper for seedlings not earlier than March, when the daylight becomes longer.
    Pepper always needs regular feeding. Already in the phase of the appearance of the first-second true leaflets, seedlings can be fed with nitrogen fertilizer, for example, ammonium nitrate. The seedlings respond well to fertilizer "Kemira Lux", which has all the necessary nutritional elements in an accessible form for plants. Fertilizers in a dry form should not be used in the seedling period.

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