• The main trailer of "Beauty and the Beast" with Emma Watson

    March 16 is waiting for us another love story - an old and kind fairy tale, which we all know by heart. About a beautiful girl named Belle, who lives in a tiny village and does not know what kind of trial her fate has prepared, she will have to save the beautiful prince from the evil spell. He was so angry, rude and egocentric, that he angered the sorceress, and she turned him into a monster, and his faithful servants into interior objects. And the beauty doesn't have much time for everything about everything: the spell can be removed before the rose left by the sorceress (everyone deserves a second chance!), The last petal falls ...

    The latest and most complete trailer for Disney's Beauty and the Beast has appeared on the Web, in which the main roles were played by Emma Watson and Dan Stevens to the music of composer Alan Mencken.

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