• The mission "do not go broke": we collect a child to school for 1500 rubles

    According to statistics, on average, an ordinary Russian family spends ten thousand on a first-grader. Wday.ru knows how to cut costs. See below for tips and list of things you need.

    More expensive than the first time in the first class only the first child. When the baby is born, the neophyte mom is ready to buy everything that is in children's stores. When an older child is sent to school, the situation is similar, but by this time parents have learned to separate the wheat from the chaff, in the sense that they walk with a carefully drawn list and do not miss everything. Anyway, the amount is enormous. But Wday.ru found a way to save money.

    how to get a child to school for 1000 rubles
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    Mortgage or school?

    My friend Lena sends Galyusha to the first class. The only daughter, very beloved, with her husband would have done everything for her, but in the family there is a financial crisis. Lena was left without work, cannot find a new one yet, and the mortgage eats up most of her spouse's salary.

    - I don’t even know what is better, to delay the payment to the bank and send the child to school with dignity, or to pick up the documents and wait a year more.Galyusha will grow up, it’s better to learn the program, and no one will poke a finger, that it looks worse than others, - Lena thinks.

    Same list

    We decided to look for a way out of the situation together. Something is still useful to me too - but later, when my daughter grows up. At first they made a detailed list of things without which a first grader simply cannot do.

    1. School uniform:

    Skirt, vest, blouse (for girls). Skirt with a vest can be replaced by a sundress. As well as "consumables": two pairs of tights and golf, bow. For cool days, you will need a knitted cardigan.

    Trousers, vest, shirt, socks, bow tie or tie, and also a warm cardigan (for boys).

    2. Form for physical education classes:

    Ideally, take the kits for the street and for the hall separately. But in terms of saving enoughsweatpants and plain t-shirts.

    3. Shoes:

    How not to twist, you will need two pairs of classic shoes or shoes (for boys), if the leg sweats, the next day to walk in wet shoes is not recommended - this is bad for the child and, in fact, for shoes, they deform and wear out faster. Also add to the list of sneakers for physical education.It is better to choose a model with Velcro, so that children do not mess with the laces.

    what does the child need for school list
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    4. Backpack and bag for change:

    Of course, you can send replacement shoes in a beautiful package and not spend extra money, but the child will hardly forget the bag with his favorite hero somewhere in the corridor, and it will be much easier to find it. Doctors recommend a backpack only with an orthopedic back, and such costs are cosmic.

    5. Stationery:

    Probably the most inexpensive item on the list. Unless, of course, you are going to send your child to school with a parker pen and leather-covered notebooks.

    You will need ten notebooks in a box and a narrow ruler with an oblique line, covers for notebooks, covers for textbooks and writing books (buy them when you get a set of textbooks, so as not to be mistaken with the size), diary, cover for it, bookmarks (you can do it yourself and absolutely free), pencil case, pens with a blue rod 0.5–0.7 mm thick - 5 pieces, five simple pencils with TM marking, ruler, colored pencils, sharpener, markers, calculating sticks, paints - watercolor or gouache, paint brushes, non-spilled jar and water, sketch pad, colored paper and cardboard work, modeling clay, oil cloth on the desk for modeling, scissors, PVA glue.

    Tip: better to buy a pencil case and diary later. At the first parent meeting you will be told what you need to study. Often schools give pupils their own diaries. And each teacher has his own requirements for a case - someone likes it with a zipper, some people like it on a magnet so that they are completely silent.

    Total savings

    With Lena, we calculated that we would need less than half a thousand rubles for the very last item if we buy the entire office in major hypermarkets, where school bazaars are now operating. Ordinary notebooks there sell for 60 kopecks apiece. A set of pens cost us 15 rubles. Covers for notebooks - 10 rubles for 5 pieces. Pencils and markers went for 50 rubles per share. Lena was more tormented by the question of uniform and shoes with a backpack. It is very difficult to buy all this in a store for a family with a mortgage and one unemployed, unless you take a loan. But come to the rescue sites selling things with it. And do not think that there is only what people are too lazy to bring to the garbage.

    At Avito, a popular city in our city, we found a school uniform at 50 rubles per item, although we bought it almost immediately. This proves once again that the good offers of mommies are literally watchful, and there is nothing wrong with buying things that someone has carefully defamed.Moreover, in the ads you can get the option with the clothes that you bought for the future, but never put on. And also for 50 rubles apiece.

    what to buy baby grade 1 list
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    So, Galyusha has a school uniform for 200 rubles. To it we will add tights and a bow from a fixed price store. Total - slightly less than 300 rubles per outfit.

    By the way, you can search for clothes not only on free ad sites. “Mothers” or sales groups will also work on the social networks of your city, there are albums with clothes for children in almost every one of them. Do not be lazy, go shopping second hand. Even in them there are sales or days of fixed prices, when any thing can be bought, for example, for 50 or 75 rubles. Again - things there are often completely new, with labels.

    Again twenty five

    Now we will look for a decent backpack for Galyusha. If you are ready to close your eyes to some defects, for example, to marks from a ballpoint pen, small scuffs, then you can easily do with a sum of 100 rubles. There are more expensive options: for 400 rubles you can find an almost perfect backpack for school.

    what to buy baby grade 1 list
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    So, until we crossed the threshold of a thousand rubles, and have already bought so many things.We continue our searches. Now we will choose the form for physical education lessons. Here you can meet 150 rubles. For this money, the seller offers a white T-shirt and black sports pants. In them, the girl just went to school in the first grade. Condition close to perfect.

    what to buy baby grade 1 list
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    Spent 1050 rubles. Go for shoes. Of course, ideally, still choose new shoes, but the option of a little b / y is also suitable. And again twenty five, more precisely 50 rubles. It is quite a tolerable version of the famous brand, which has been producing shoes since the last century.

    school uniform
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    Do not forget that we will need two pairs.

    We will not save on sneakers. Take almost new for 300. The seller says that the stylish version with velcro was worn only once. Judging by the photo, he can be trusted.

    office for school
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    Our total is 1450 rubles. We buy in a fixed price store a bag for shoes for 50 rubles, and the fees to the school for one and a half thousand can be considered completed.

    - I will find a job, money will appear, I will buy Galyusha a new one. For now got out, - Lena breathed.

    How do you save? Share your options in the comments.

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