• The most harmful food for health and figure

    The most harmful food for healthThe most harmful food for health

    Top 10 most harmful food products



    Modern citizens eat normally once a day - in the evening. And during the day they have a snack.in a hurry", But better to make sandwiches in a hurry. It's sad, but more often than not, what's tasty and quickly eaten is bad for your health. Knowing this, you can not throw money away, eliminating from your menuthe most harmful health foods and body shapes:


    We save on food



    1) Chips(potato and corn) - the enemy for the body. These are carbohydrates and fats seasoned with dyes, flavors and stabilizers. If every day you buy a pack of chips (prices from $ 0.5 to $ 5 per package), then, by giving up on them, you will save $ 8-90 a month.


    2) Chupa-Chupsandjelly Beancontain a huge amount of sugar, chemical additives, dyes, flavor substitutes - harmful and delicious.But advertising has taught kids to such a delicacy, and it is easier for parents to “silence” a screaming child by giving him a candy on a stick than to explain what its harm to health is. Daily rejection of one candy cost $ 0.2-0.8 saves your $ 3-20 per month.


    3)Carbonated drinks- harmful cocktail of sugar, chemicals and gases (the presence of carbon dioxide accelerates the distribution of harmful substances in the body) not only affect the health, but also correct the figure. Some drinks, in addition to the tonic properties - due to the caffeine content - also perfectly remove lime scale and rust (proven experimentally). Sending such a liquid in the stomach, we are at great risk! Sweet soda is harmful and high concentration of sugar - in it, 4-5 teaspoons per glass of water. Not surprising: we drink, and I want to drink even more. It is in the hands of producers: buy, gentlemen, buy! Refusal of a half-liter bottle of drink ($ 0.5-1) per day = savings of $ 15-30 per month.


    4) Chocolates- A huge amount of calories, plus chemical additives, genetically modified foods, dyes, flavors ... Sweetheart makes you buy one more chocolate, then another ... How delicious! And how bad! But if you really want, buy a bitter chocolate and eat 20 g - that's how much the body digests at a time.The refusal of one chocolate bar weighing 100 g ($ 0.7-2) per day = savings of $ 18-30 per month.


    5)Mayonnaise.On many packages, it would be worthwhile to write not “GMO-free”, but “Danger to life”: a sea of ​​calories, fats, carbohydrates, dyes, stabilizers and ingredients, marked difficult to pronounce words, known only to manufacturers. Amongthe most harmful food for the figurealso ketchup, sauces, dressings, widely represented on the shelves. But believe me: if you do not put a layer of sauce on the kebab, the meat will not lose its taste! But your wallet will be pleased with the saved money. And the stomach will rejoice even more in the absence of harmful goodness on a useful piece of meat. Refusal of 1 package of mayonnaise weighing 200 g ($ 0.4-1) per day = savings of $ 8-24 per month.


    6) Fast food products:instant soups, mashed potatoes, instant noodles almost always do not contain anything healthy, but their regular purchase makes the wallet lose weight and the waist disappear somewhere ... It’s better to replace them with healthy food prepared at home. For example, you can easily cook the second dish in a hurry, the recipe is attached. Refusal of a bag of such mashed potatoes ($ 0.2-0.5) per day = savings of $ 8-17 per month.


    7) Alcoholeven in minimal amounts prevents the absorption of vitamins, besides it contains a lot of calories and provokes an increase in appetite. Healthy only elite varieties of wine, worth a fortune, and then if you drink it in reasonable quantities (about half a glass a day). The rest - occasionally, in “pharmaceutical” doses and exclusively “for warming” or for appetite, otherwise there is a risk to sleep and go bankrupt. And do not forget that alcohol is very harmful to the brain and many organs. Daily refusal, for example, from a half-liter bottle of beer costing $ 0.5-1.5 and more expensive will allow you to save $ 15-30 or more per month.


    8) Sausage products.Even the best sausage today ... not exactly meat. “Hidden” fats (pork skin, lard) - sources of cholesterol affecting the cardiovascular system - are “ennobled” by flavors, substitutes and flavor enhancers, all this is tinted ... And we pay a lot of money for something very unfairly called sausage. It is better to learn when to collect garlic and eat it, although a peculiar smell - but useful. So, giving up 200 g of sausage (0.7-3 $) per day results in savings of $ 20-70 per month.


    9) Fast Food(pies, whites, chebureks, shawarma, hot dogs) contains a lot of carcinogens. One pie seems to be inexpensive, but is it one thing? We need to buy a few ... As a result, over the years, such food leads to digestion, causing colitis, gastritis, heartburn, constipation. Failure of one pie ($ 0.2-0.7) per day saves your $ 10-20 per month.


    10) Canned food.The constant replacement of fresh food canned leads to the accumulation of preservatives in the human body, which adversely affects the figure and health. But there, besides preservatives, there are also flavor enhancers, fragrances, coloring agents, etc., a large amount of salt and sugar. In the process of processing products, their structure and taste change significantly, many useful substances are lost, including many vitamins. And if the production technology is violated, canned food can cause poisoning, and it is quite heavy.

    Summarize. Saving on "10 of the most harmful food for a figure" will save $ 100 or more American rubles, while not only will you reduce your monthly expenses, but you will also feel better.Indeed, in our “fast time”, it is necessary to pay more attention to nutrition, especially to the correct and useful one.

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