• The plot of rectangular shape, P of which is 42 m, was divided into 2 equal parts, having the shape of a square. find S and P each part

    Find the area and perimeter of each part
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    Answered on May 20, 2015 21:18
    Well, it's easier than steamed turnip! The rectangle consists of two equal squares, so the perimeter of the rectangle must be divided by 2. It turns out 21 m. This is the perimeter of each square (they are equal to each other). The area of ​​a square is the square of its side. All sides of the square are equal, so to find a side, you need to divide 21 by 4. In the end, you get 5.25. Put it in a square, that is, multiply by itself. The result will be 27, 6 (rounded). This is the area of ​​each square.

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