• The right choice of watches for men and women

    The watch became not only a mechanism that counts time, but also an original attribute, showing the status of a person and playing the role of jewelry. The question of how to choose men's watches and women’s watches should be solved without haste, considering the purpose for which the accessory is being purchased. For a business person who fits the style and position, never late, a classic watch is suitable. They are stylish, not fanciful, maintain a discreet and business style.

    If you have to choose a woman, keep in mind that for her watch is a part of the accessory that should fit the outfit and be combined with it. The best choice - designer fashion model.

    For the evening, choose models of precious metals, decorated with precious stones. Lovers of an active lifestyle suitable sports high-tech options.

    It is easier for children to choose: a bright and colorful design, high quality, environmentally friendly material.

    Consider the main characteristics of the watch, which will help you choose a quality and reliable option that meets your requirements and capabilities.

    The Heart of the Clock

    This is often called the clock mechanism, because its characteristics depend on reliability and durability. There are three types of mechanisms that differ in the principle of operation.

    • Mechanical
    • Quartz
    • Electronic


    In a mechanical watch, the spring, tightly stretched in a spiral, serves as the main source of energy. When unwinding, he puts the mechanism into action, and he shooters or indicators of time. As the spring unwinds, the watch slows down. If you do not podzavat (twist the spring) completely stop. The disadvantage of the mechanism is that the spring unwinds unevenly, which leads to a knocking down of the stroke.

    To correct the error some manufacturers on the clock set the system of auto-twist (the spring is twisted during the oscillation). The spring, thanks to this mechanism, is constantly in a twisted state. Disadvantage: self-winding watches weight the design, so on miniature female models such a mechanism is not put.

    Repairing the mechanical watch for professionals is not difficult, except for models with automatic winding. Such a mechanism is rather complicated, therefore repair is much more difficult and often the master advises to remove it. Removing the self-winding does not affect the work, just watch will be mechanical.

    Mechanical watches - the world classic of watchmaking: high-precision tuning, manual assembly. If you properly care for them, to carry out prevention, they will last more than a dozen years. Such a product is the perfect New Year's gift or birthday present.


    Quartz (electromechanical). Instead of a pendulum, a quartz crystal is installed in them, which is responsible for the operation of the mechanism. The mechanism works (quartz oscillator) from a normal battery (in rare cases solar). The error of the generator is minimal, up to 20 seconds per month, so it is considered the most reliable.

    Plus - high battery life, no need to recharge and worry that they will stop. With good care, quartz watches, like mechanical ones, will last more than a decade.

    The absence of a three-dimensional mechanism in a quartz oscillator makes it possible to create models more refined.The price of quartz watches is democratic, for the most part they pass only automatic assembly. A wonderful and inexpensive gift for February 23.


    According to the principle of operation, the electronic clock is similar to quartz. Inside there is a quartz oscillator and is battery operated. The difference is the digital display. The principle of operation of the mechanism: the generator generates pulses that are converted into signals that are displayed on the display, showing the time. There is a kind of electronic clock that combines the dial with an electronic scoreboard.

    Accuracy is often found. Having set the necessary value, they are easily reinstalled. The life of the electronic clock is significantly inferior to mechanical and quartz.

    The advantage of electronic watches is a number of additional functions: a compass, a calculator, a thermometer, etc. They are developed taking into account the innovations of the electronics world, therefore they are popular with know-how lovers. Cost pleases with diversity and democracy.

    Video Tips

    Watch case

    Service life, appearance, price and quality of watches depend on the case material. Manufacturers and suppliers of mechanisms use a number of basic materials for the body.Exotic is also encountered - cases of precious wood or precious stones. I will review the main, available materials:

    • stainless steel
    • brass
    • aluminum
    • plastic
    • titanium

    Stainless steel

    Stainless case - the highest quality. Durable and durable, no wonder most well-known companies use steel. Prices for quality models "bite", and only a millionaire can afford such a watch.


    The aluminum case is used for cheap watches, as it is inferior in quality to the two previous materials. The body of aluminum is soft, not very strong, poorly protects the mechanism from impacts. On the wrist are dark spots, which is not pleasant.


    The plastic case is popular with manufacturers. A number of well-known brands use high-quality environmentally friendly plastic alloy, which favorably differs from cheap Chinese products, which can be identified and distinguished even by smell. It is better not to buy cheap plastic watches, they can cause severe allergies. A good expression is “a miser pays twice,” is it worth thinking about?


    Titanium case is rarely used.Material processing is time consuming and costly. The most famous manufacturer with a titanium case was the factory "Flight". Modern manufacturers use titanium alloys, which makes it possible to manufacture hulls lighter. The advantage of titanium and alloys - the chemical composition of the material is harmless to health.


    The case of brass (an alloy of copper and zinc) is a high-quality material, durable, but inferior to steel. Lack watches made of brass or stainless steel - they are heavy, which can cause some inconvenience when wearing. The material is subject to scratches and oxidizes in air, leaving dark places on the wrist. To avoid this, the body is covered with a special protective layer. Popularity due to the relative cheapness.

    The coating has two functions: it performs a protective and decorative role. Steel or chrome coating is one of the most durable; it stays on the case for several years, so many world brands use it.

    Gold plating does not last long, a maximum of 2-3 years and is erased. The quality of the coating is affected by the composition and thickness of the alloy. Titanium coating "under gold" due to vacuum deposition is held for a long time.

    It is recommended to choose watches with stainless steel or titanium alloy cases.These materials are durable and do not need coating.

    Video recommendations for choosing smart watches

    A bracelet

    Some when choosing to pay attention to the bracelet. Brand bracelets quality and different design. There are leather and metal bracelets under a certain style.

    Many manufacturers produce watches with leather straps only. Stylists advise to choose a strap for a girl under a bag, a belt on a man’s pants or shoes by texture and color. The advantage of bracelets - they can be changed, giving the image an underlined style. Leather bracelets should be changed at least once a year.

    1. Metal bracelets should match the material of the watch case. Bracelets are made of metal and all-metal links. When buying, pay attention to weight, norm - not more than 100 g. Bracelets of greater weight cause discomfort.

    On metal bracelets pay attention to the lock. The most common and convenient - automatic clip.

    Glass on the watch

    How many times, looking at the clock, we look at the dial and at any time we can find out what time it is. Sometimes we just admire the clock, but rarely anyone thinkswhat we see arrows thanks to the transparent glass. This element has become so familiar and mundane that its importance does not attach much importance.

    Glass is an important element, as is the mechanism. The “health” of the mechanism directly depends on the quality of the glass. Glass should have an important characteristic - transparency, so that you can easily see time through it.

    Mineral glass

    Mineral glass, the most common, many manufacturers prefer it. If you compare it with organic glass, it is harder and can be scratched only with effort.

    Sapphire crystal

    The most expensive glass is sapphire. Strongly protects against mechanical impact, not easy to scratch. The strength is significantly inferior, poorly holding a blow.

    Plexiglass glass

    The cheapest and most affordable material is plastic (plexiglass). Easy to polish and scratch easily. If you are a lover of outdoor activities, take a look at plexiglass. The blows it holds better than tempered mineral glass.

    Tips for choosing a women's watch

    The main parameters considered, it remains only to choose. The choice will still be as difficult as the mechanism in the watch, but I want to believe that the tips will help you figure it out and make the right choice.

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