• 'The Walking Dead' how many seasons?

    Olga Izvekova
    Olga Izvekova
    1 March 2013
    'The Walking Dead' how many seasons?

    The series "The Walking Dead" - is considered one of the most successful TV projects of recent times.

    The action takes place in the near future. The sheriff of a small town, after being injured after a long time in a coma, wakes up in the hospital. It turns out that while he was sick, the world around him had changed significantly. Most people were afflicted with a disease that turned them into the walking dead. The sheriff, finding his surviving relatives and gathering a small group of people, seeks to find a place where you can avoid fear of the living dead.

    The pilot of the series was released on October 31, 2010 on Halloween and was a huge success. Season 1 consisted of 6 episodes. As the best television series, presented on Golden Globe.

    10/16/2011, the premiere of the 2nd season took place, this time having 13 episodes in its composition, and on Oct. 14, 2012, the 3rd season came out, in which 16 episodes were announced.

    The management of the channel AMC announced that it extends the series for 4 season.So, October 2013 is the estimated time for the release of the 1st series of the 4 seasons of the series The Walking Dead. How many seasons will be total is still unknown.

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