• What woman is better than men?

    Ekaterina Chabanyuk
    Ekaterina Chabanyuk
    August 7, 2012
    What woman is better than men?

    A woman and a man differ greatly in their psyche and perception of the world. Both men and women have their strengths and weaknesses. What woman is better than men? 15 advantages of a woman over a man will help find the answer to this question.

    1. A woman can easily do several things at the same time, while the average man can concentrate on only one lesson.
    2. A woman tolerates pain better, because in the female body, the hormone estrogen is produced, which has an analgesic effect. The pain threshold of a woman is higher.
    3. A woman's eyes have a viewing angle of 180 degrees, while a man’s vision is tunnel, that is, the man’s gaze is straight ahead. That is why it is difficult for a man to find in the crowd, for example, his friend - he usually only looks ahead.
    4. A woman has a stronger sense of smell than a man. Female sensitivity to various smells at the end of a menstrual cycle especially becomes aggravated.
    5. What woman is better than men? The woman is much more developed intuition, she is able to anticipate some events and make the right decisions at a subconscious level.
    6. A man is less likely to suffer depression than a woman. But the male depression lasts much longer than the female, and often ends in suicide. It is easier for a woman to cope with her own psychological problems. Therefore, the majority of patients in a psychiatric hospital are men.
    7. A woman smiles more often, looks into her interlocutor more often, and a man, as a rule, avoids a direct look during a dialogue. Therefore, a woman is more attentive, she is able to distinguish between the emotional states of a person better than a man. Woman’s relationships with loved ones are deeper and warmer.
    8. A man is sick less often, but longer and more serious than a woman. A woman is easier to endure the disease, often continuing to work and lead a normal life during it.
    9. A woman is more enduring and patient, although physically weaker than a man.
    10. What woman is better than men? A woman is much more sensitive and able to get more pleasure from sex than the most sensitive man. For example, multiple orgasm.
    11. In a woman, both hemispheres of the brain work interrelatedly, whereas in a man, one half of the brain is responsible for logical thinking, and the other for figurative thinking, and it is difficult for a man to use both halves simultaneously.
    12. A woman has a better developed ability to learn languages, a woman makes fewer grammatical errors in the text. The speech of the woman is usually more beautiful and harmonious than the speech of a man.
    13. A woman in her childhood and adolescence begins to develop earlier than a man: she used to walk, talk, read, and philosophize.
    14. On average, a woman lives seven to ten years longer than a man.
    15. What woman is better than men? A woman does not suppress her emotions, unlike a man. And the suppression of emotions provokes strokes, heart attacks and depression.

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