• Tip 2: Eyeliner - choose the best

    Gel liners have become fashionable relatively recently - and have already managed to win many fans, both among makeup artists and ordinary consumers. Users appreciate their wide color gamut, trouble-free application and amazing durability. Gel liner does not need a special fixing base or a layer of shadows - it is easily applied over complex makeup and directly onto clean skin. In this case, the eyeliner lasts for several hours, does not tarnish, does not flow and does not crack. You can calmly rub your eyes with your hands, adjust makeup and even cry - clear arrows will remain in place.
    An important advantage of gel liner is a variety of shades. Classic black, gray, dark brown, blue, and green colors are produced by many brands. Some offer more rare tones - ultramarine, bordeaux, purple, turquoise, yellow, mint green. On sale there are both velvety matte and ultra-shiny options.For more light over the arrow drawn gel liner, you can apply a transparent tool with glitter - this will give the makeup a festive look.
    Another plus gel means - ease of application. A man who is not even very tempted in make-up can draw beautiful arrows. You can use a flat brush with a beveled edge or a thin curved brush, which makeup artists usually work. Since the eyeliner does not spread and does not flow, it can be successfully used by girls wearing contact lenses. Most gel liners have no smell - they are suitable for those who do not tolerate harsh cosmetic fragrances.
    Gel liners can be found in collections of brands of different color categories - from mass to luxury. However, many democratic brands produce excellent products that are not inferior to much more expensive counterparts.
    Learning to apply eyeliner is very easy. Its texture resembles a soft cream, easily distributed over the skin. Dial a small portion of the brush and apply the tool in line with the growth of eyelashes. If you are planning a natural makeup, make small strokes at the very roots - this will create the illusion of density and lush eyelashes.For a more dramatic makeup, draw a wide arrow, leading the brush from the middle of the upper eyelid to the outer corner of the eye. The tip of the arrow can be raised, highlighting the beautiful cut eyes. Draw boldly - eyeliner will not spread. If the hand trembled, correct the line with a Q-tip. But do not hesitate - gel liner is fixed on the skin in 1-2 minutes after application.

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