• You will need
    • - Kalanchoe;
    • - vodka;
    • - pollen;
    • - silver wormwood;
    • - yogurt;
    • - flowers of arnica mountain;
    • - hazel bark;
    • - flowers and leaves of chestnut;
    • - flowers of white acacia;
    • - hop cones;
    • - Apple vinegar;
    • - alcohol 40%.
    Wash the Kalanchoe leaves and, after drying, grind in a meat grinder. Fill them with a half-liter bottle half and fill with vodka to the top of the dish. Insist in a dark place, shaking daily, for a week. Filter the liquid part, squeeze out the vegetable cake and rub the resulting tincture of the feet, starting from the feet and moving to the knees. Repeat the procedure for 2-3 months. Effectively helps with a small grid of dilated veins.
    At the same time as rubbing the Kalanchoe tincture, take 0.5 x teaspoon of pollen three times a day.
    Pound the freshly picked silver wormwood leaves in a mortar and mix with an equal amount of clabber. Then apply the resulting composition evenly on a piece of gauze and apply it on the damaged areas of the veins for 2 hours. During the procedure, take a horizontal position.Apply such dressings for 4-5 days, then take a break for 3 days and repeat the treatment.
    Take in equal quantities the crushed flowers of mountain arnica and hazel bark, mixing them, pour 2 tablespoons of the mixture with 600 ml of boiling water in a thermos. Insist 8-10 hours, then strain. Drink 170 ml 3 times daily before meals.
    At the same time, put a compress from yogurt mixed with leaves and horse chestnut flowers on the feet for the night. The treatment is long, but effective even in advanced cases.
    Prepare a tincture of white acacia flowers. Fill a half-liter jar for a third with white acacia flowers and hop cones, taken in a 2: 1 ratio. Pour with a mixture of alcohol 40% and apple cider vinegar, taken in equal amounts. Insist in a dark place for 2 weeks, you can not filter and add 2-3 times with a mixture of alcohol and apple cider vinegar if necessary. Wet abundantly and rub swollen venous knots with the prepared tincture.
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    Varicose veins and thrombus formation in them are a direct threat to the life of the organism, as a detached thrombus can be fatal.
    Helpful advice
    In case of varicose veins, it is recommended to give rest to the legs 2-3 times for 7-10 minutes during the day, and it is necessary that the legs can be above the head during the rest.

    Tip 2: How to improve venous outflow

    Venous outflow of blood through the deep and superficial veins of the brain. When this process is disturbed, headaches, dizziness and even fainting appear. The causes of this disease may be different factors, for example, heart failure, brain tumor, hypertension, traumatic brain injury and others. How to improve venous outflow?
    How to improve venous outflow
    You will need
    • - phytotherapy;
    • - reflexology;
    • - massage;
    • - the doctor's consultation;
    • - complex treatment;
    • - full sleep;
    • - cold and hot shower;
    • - physical exercise;
    • - walks in the open air.
    First of all, you need to immediately consult a doctor to determine the exact cause of the venous outflow, since this is what determines the method of treatment. For example, if the cause of the deterioration of the outflow is squeezing of the veins in the cervical or cervical-occipital region, then reflexotherapy, that is, acupuncture, electrophoresis can help you.
    It also improves the outflow of a special massage of the neck and "neck" zone.If venous blood stasis occurs due to a brain tumor, chemotherapy or surgery is necessary. And the delay here is categorically unacceptable! Speech is literally about life and death.
    The use of herbal medicine helps to improve the venous outflow in some cases. You need to grind dried leaves and hazelnut bark, then pour a glass of boiling water. Leave to infuse for an hour under the lid tightly closed. After that, it can be consumed in 1 / 3-1 / 4 cup 3 - 4 times a day before meals. But in case of venous insufficiency, you should definitely consult with your doctor and discuss the possibility of herbal medicine treatment.
    In the treatment of this disease, the doctor may prescribe a laser-light therapy to you, which using light-emitting diodes activates cell receptors and speeds up the process of cell regeneration. They will also be prescribed a comprehensive treatment that includes drugs that increase the outflow, for example, cofin, venoruton, vinpotropil.
    Do regular physical training. Physical activity can improve the venous outflow and improve the tone of the venous walls.Loads must be dosed. One of the best types of training is swimming. Contrasting shower, frequent walks in the fresh air and, of course, a full sleep, have a very beneficial effect.
    In no case can not use vasodilators in venous insufficiency.

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