• Tips for choosing a fashionable dress with open shoulders

    Do you want to shine, attract the looks and feel the charming beauty? Then complete your wardrobe with a stunning dress with open shoulders. Learn how to properly wear and with what to combine.

    Who is this dress?

    Who will suit the dress with open shoulders? First of all, the happy owners of the ideal feminine type of hourglass figure. They will be able to emphasize the sexual curves of their bodies, exposing one of the most seductive parts. Models and representatives of the fair sex with a triangular type of figure: wide hips and narrow shoulders. The dress will allow to balance the top and bottom, to divert attention from the volume part.

    It is not recommended to choose dresses with bare shoulders for girls and women with the type of "apple". Styles of almost any cut will draw attention to the volume top, making it cumbersome and awkward. Also, models are contraindicated for those who have broad shoulders: in this case, you should not open them and focus on the image.

    And one more thing.Open shoulders can afford young girls and ladies balzakovskogo age with perfect beautiful skin. If there are defects in the form of wrinkles, pimples or flabbiness, it is better to hide them under clothes.

    Variety of styles

    If you do not know how to choose a dress with open shoulders, then first consider the current styles. First of all, pay attention to the top. There are several options:

    • Simple shoulder line. It looks concise and unobtrusive, but at the same time stylish.
    • Shoulders on the elastic band, loose upper part. The model received the name "peasant", and it will fit into the image in a free casual style, ideal for walking in the summer. But the gum should not be tight!
    • An asymmetrical one-shoulder dress may well become an elegant evening dress. And still such non-standard detail of a cut will distract attention from other parts of a body and, thereby, will disguise some minor flaws such as wide hips.
    • The bustier opens its shoulders completely and looks incredibly sexy on the owners of a beautiful elastic chest. But for girls with a thin build or heavy bust, it is better to refuse such a model.
    • Shoulders with flounces and ruches go to slender girls and visually enlarge breasts. This is a good solution for those whom nature cheated lush bust.

    Consider the cut options:

    • Sheath dress is an option for the owner of a slim figure, emphasizing the curves of the body, but not exposing them in an obscene light. This model is quite suitable for official events and even business meetings.
    • Flowing loose dress, flared from the shoulder line - a beautiful summer model, suitable for walking, hiking on the beach, meeting with friends.
    • Tight-fitting noodles look better with closed shoulders. If this part of the body is open, you risk looking accessible or even vulgar. Choose one thing: a slinky sexy silhouette or bare shoulders.
    • The dress in the Greek style with a high waist and a free hem looks feminine and hides some of the flaws of the body, so even ladies with mouth-watering forms can afford it.
    • The model with a lush hem in the style of new look will make the image a romantic, sweet, somewhat puppet. At the same time, the flared bottom will help to hide volumetric buttocks or hips, or, conversely, to make them more feminine and expressive.
    • An elegant evening dress in the floor with a flowing hem and an underlined waistline is suitable for creating luxurious images. But this style looks especially good on the high fair sex.
    • Thin straps will add a touch of romance and make the cut more complex. The model does not require additional accessories in the zones of the neck and decollete.

    With the length of more or less clear. Midi - a universal option suitable to all. Knee length emphasizes femininity and adds elegance. But if the legs are slender, you can open your knees and literally 5-10 centimeters of hips. Mini does not fit with bare shoulders, since the model opens up most of the body and automatically makes the image vulgar and vulgar. A long maxi dress looks gorgeous on tall girls. But if the growth is not very large, just solve the problem with the help of heels.

    Other features of choice

    When buying, pay attention to the material. Knitwear is suitable only for slender lucky women, because it is inappropriate and unattractive to allocate excess volume and folds. Chiffon and cotton are ideal for summer weather. Silk and satin add sexuality, but at the same time insidiously emphasize excess volumes in problem areas. In contrast, dense materials will model the silhouette.

    Pick the right colors. Fitted, fitted and complex silhouettes look better in a single scale. A few ideas:

    • Black dress is an indicator of taste, classic and top of elegance that does not go out of fashion.
    • The white dress is refreshing and makes you fly and light.
    • On tanned skin will look great pastel shades: beige, pale blue, light yellow, peach, lilac.
    • Red dress will tell about your passion, turn you into a vamp.
    • Actual saturated, deep and dark tones: burgundy, chocolate, burgundy, emerald green, dark blue.
    • Bright light shades are ideal for summer. It is mint, coral, lemon, pink.

    Prints should not be motley, and evening and elegant models look better without patterns. Summer dresses can be complemented by flowers, stripes, peas, geometric shapes.

    How to wear?

    What can I wear with a beautiful dress with open shoulders? Let's consider successful variants:

    • The dress-bustier can be supplemented with a bolero, which will close the shoulders when it is needed.
    • Evening dress complement the chic fur cloak or boa.
    • The summer dress of a cut "peasant woman" can be supplemented with a denim jacket or cardigan.
    • To the dress-case you can pick up an elegant jacket.
    • Experiment and put on a brutal leather leather jacket over an elegant dress.

    Pay attention to the choice of accessories. If the dress itself is more complicated and has a bright decor, no additional details are needed. But you can choose a strap that emphasizes the waistline and focuses on it. Choose beautiful earrings with long thin elements or made in the form of bunches of stones. The neckline and neck can be decorated with a choker, necklace. The dress with an elastic band can be added with beads, for example, wooden or made of semi-precious stones. The handbag can be almost any, the choice depends on the style of the dress and the whole image as a whole. And you can experiment with hats.

    When choosing shoes also consider the style of dress. Elegant models combine pumps and sandals with heels. And complement the free flowing dress or “peasant woman” with sandals and ballet shoes. You can complement simple fitting models with massive sandals on the platform or even sports shoes. Do not be afraid to play on contrasts.

    Choose a fashionable dress with bare shoulders and learn to wear it competently, creating bright images!

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