• Tire storage

    I have two sets of tires - winter and summer. I keep them on the balcony, due to the fact that there is no shortage of space, I would like to find a warehouse in Moscow, which provides tire storage services. Who knows where there are such warehouses?
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    You can ask for parking closer to home or in stores. Usually they provide such a service. We keep ours in the parking lot. Even in underground parking, you can agree to store tires.
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    I keep mine in the garage, but if there is no garage, then a balcony is not an option. My friend keeps tires right in the corridor of the apartment, so the tires stink for a whole year. By the way, I found a company that provides its premises for seasonal storage of tires and they have several warehouses in Moscow. Choose which one and take action.
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    And I have all-season tires and the issue of re-fitting and storing tires is generally not worth it for me. I already go so the 13th year and what winter tires do not know.
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    Husband also rides all-season tires. But to drive it, you need to be a very careful driver. I read somewhere that all-season tires are designed for climatic zones with temperatures not lower than 0.
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    Sellers of tires tell incredible stories about the fact that all-season tires are designed only for positive temperatures. This is all a marketing ploy, it is more profitable to sell 2 sets of rubber - summer and winter, than 1 - all-season. Then think where to store this rubber. Look, for example, they sell all-season tires here. Consider, read reviews and draw conclusions.

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