• Top 10 Animal Protection Stars

    Woman's Day has compiled a list of celebrities who for many years have been actively fighting for the lives of our younger brothers. And by the way, their labors are beneficial.

    Brigitte Bardot

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    Brigitte Bardot can rightly be called one of the most ardent defenders of animals in the world. And the fate of our smaller brothers began to disturb the actress in the early 60s. Then she, having learned how cruelly treated animals in slaughterhouses, wrote numerous letters to the government of France and carried out all sorts of actions. With her pressure, she managed to achieve the seemingly impossible: the authorities issued a law on a more humane treatment of animals and the killing of them with a stun gun.

    Then the actress begins to speak out against the fur, accusing her colleagues of beating up and promoting the wrong lifestyle.A fur coat is a graveyard. A true woman will not wear a graveyardsays the actress.In 1986createanimal protectionBrigitte Bardot Foundation for the Welfare and Protection of Animals.RigitThe main task of the foundation is propaganda against the use of cats and dogs in the fur industry.As a result, in 2006, her pleas were heard. The government of France, and after a while other countries imposed a ban on this type of fur!She also conducted a series of promotions.againstpreserving ritual animal killing practices in Judaism, seal hunting in Canada, and fur seals in South Africa.

    The main action of Brigitte Bardot today is to help stray dogs around the world. She opens shelters for them and writes letters to the authorities about stopping the mass harassment of these animals. Not spared the actress and our country. In February of this year, she published on her official websiteopen message to Vladimir Putin:“Thousands of desperate requests for help come to my foundation from those who have witnessed an intolerable sight — the destruction of dogs in Sochi and in other cities of Russia. Dog hunters quietly publish photos of their murders on social networks ... Mr. President, will you finally accept a law that will truly protect animals and allow those responsible to be brought to justice? Punishment should be revealing to prevent violencewhich greatly affects your image and the image of your country. Being a person who has always supported and loved you, I am incredibly disappointed, and I am very sad. "

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