• Top 10 countries in which you should not go to the tourist (12 photos)

    What could be better than an exciting trip? After all, this is a vacation, and new impressions, acquaintances, unforgettable emotions and regular knowledge of something new!

    What country would you not go to, you can find something amazing and impressive everywhere, be it the famous architecture of Paris or Rome, or the magnificent landscapes of the Middle East, and perhaps the underwater world of the islands of the Pacific Ocean?

    Weigh the pros and cons

    Everywhere there are pros and cons, but have you ever thought about the fact that, it turns out, there are a number of countries to which it is better not to go for the purpose of rest or travel? It’s generally better not to get there, because there regularly occur some incidents that completely discourage curious tourists from visiting such places, and they appear extremely rarely on advertising brochures.

    Basically, we are talking about countries where the level of crime and terrorism exceeds all permissible limits, and local residents are constantly subjected to various kinds of violence and attacks, as a result of which they lose loved ones and relatives.

    be careful

    We have made the top 10 of the most dangerous countries in the world for tourism, to visit which can be decided only by the most daring and, to some extent, obezbashennye tourists, lovers of extreme sports. Before you go to one of them, you should think a few times and carefully study all possible risks that you can easily face there.

    1. Somalia

    According to the authoritative edition of The Forbes, which has already published its own list of dangerous countries for a long time, it is Somalia, the East African state, which is notorious for its pirate activities, which actually disintegrated into several separate parts as a result of the civil war.


    In Somalia, there is a transitional Federal Government, which was recognized by the international community and is the representative of the legitimate authority in the country. In reality, it controls only the southern part of Somalia, and all other territories are under the control of the unrecognized formations of radical Islamic movements.

    2. Iraq

    The state, located in the valley of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, has huge reserves of oil and gas, and is washed by the waters of the Persian Gulf, and for 2014 is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for visiting and living in it.


    Places of ancient Sumerian civilizations, Babylonia and Assyria, as well as the birthplace of fairy tales about a thousand and one nights, unfortunately, are not able to take tourists to demonstrate their deep historical and cultural values.

    The civil war, which has lasted in Iraq for more than 10 years, has contributed to the fact that the local people have already forgotten what peace is and how to live without weapons in their hands.

    3. Colombia

    A country with a huge list of attractions, chic coastal resorts and amazing natural phenomena, is still fanned by a cloud of ill fame: Colombia is breaking all records in the number of kidnappings.

    Basically, such crimes are committed for the purpose of ransom, so leaving the city, especially at night, is extremely unsafe. In addition, all kinds of narcotic drugs are distributed throughout the country, which strangers can offer as “gifts” right on the streets.

    Secret business

    In addition, robberies are common in the country, which is why many tourist booklets warn travelers about the need to constantly monitor all their currency, and also not to show expensive jewelry and photos orvideo equipment.

    4. Afghanistan

    One of the poorest countries in the world, despite its important geopolitical position in the world. Here, the one who is stronger is still right, and the one who has a grenade launcher or machine gun is stronger. The attitude towards foreigners is suspicious, violence and constant killings thrive in the country, which, in fact, are not controlled by anyone and nothing.

    Afghanistan5. Pakistan

    A poor and very densely populated country, which is on the verge of complete slide into the abyss and chaos. The constant terrorist acts of suicide bombers, regular attacks on the forces of law and order, as well as constant clashes between various factions, have made Pakistan an unsafe place not only for tourism, but also for local residents themselves.

    Pakistan6. Sudan

    The state, located on the eastern lands of Africa, has big domestic problems even after it has gained independence. In Sudan, hundreds of people are killed every day, constant armed clashes and gunfights occur, and the second civil war that took place on its territory became one of the most tragic conflicts of the second half of the last century.


    7. Yemen

    The country's capital, Sana'a, is one of the most unsafe cities in the world. The political instability and the civil war that broke out after 1994 send this country to the list of the most undesirable countries to visit.


    8. North Korea

    The state in East Asia, which borders with China and Russia, is a closed place for tourism and, probably, not in vain. The influential government of the country controls a huge army, and for the slightest mistake or fault, a person here can be sentenced to prison.

    North Korea

    9. Brazil

    It is believed that in this sunny and hot country there are 14, one of the most dangerous, cities in the world. These include the capital of Masayao, as well as the notorious Rio de Janeiro. Here robbery and murder, rape and abduction are constantly occurring.


    10. Kenya

    A beautiful country with many interesting places to visit, still remains unsafe for tourists, especially for women and travelers who like to walk at night.


    Think carefully when choosing a country to travel!

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