• Top 10 Top Tips for a Real Workaholic

    Workaholics are extremely responsible in their work and strive to do everything at once. But there is an opinion that workaholism is similar to alcohol or even drug addiction and can harm. And that is why workaholics should follow some rules.

    What is workaholism?

    Workaholism, psychologists call the man's constant desire to work or carry out an activity. For workaholics, nothing is more important than their work. Psychologists and doctors consider such a state dangerous, because fatigue can greatly damage health. A lack of time for communication and other activities necessary for a normal psychological state can lead to mental disorders.

    Do not exhaust yourself


    Here are some possible causes of workaholism:

    • Loneliness. A lonely person, in order not to notice his loneliness, plunges into work.
    • The desire to be the best. It, by the way, can be connected with some complexes.
    • Trouble.To forget about them, a person takes all his time.
    • Baby habits. If parents from childhood constantly talked about how important it is to work, then the child, having matured, will do it.
    • Lack of interest in life. For such a person, work is an outlet.
    • The desire to prove to others their worth and significance.


    Have a rest

    Signs of workaholism:

    • Constant thoughts and worries about work.
    • Irritation because of someone's attempts to distract the workaholic from work.
    • Without work, a workaholic can become depressed.
    • Such a person does not see the meaning of rest and does not receive pleasure from him.
    • A workaholic even on weekends is looking for classes for himself.
    • After work, the workaholic cannot switch to something else.
    • Usually, all workaholics are very demanding and critical towards themselves (sometimes to others).
    • When such a person completes a case, he is disappointed and immediately begins to look for another occupation.
    • Failures at work can be perceived very badly.

    Helpful Tips

    Top 10 workaholic tips:

    1. Be able to stop in time. If you feel exhausted and about to breathe out, give yourself a break.Understand and understand for yourself that rest is necessary for health. If you neglect them, then, in the end, you will bring yourself to exhaustion and as a result you will not be able to work at all. Every time you feel tired, just close your eyes and try not to think about anything. Relax and dream about something.
    2. Understand that work is not the most important thing in life. And if you think differently, you probably just do not know that there is something more interesting in the world. To realize this, find some interesting activity, or better start a romance. Hobbies can become a real outlet for you, and the second half will not only distract you from work, but also surround you with caress, attention and care that are necessary for a workaholic.
    3. Try to find the reasons for your addiction to work. To do it yourself is quite difficult, but still possible. Talk to your parents, they will probably remember a childhood incident that led to a desire for permanent work. For example, such a desire could appear after receiving a bad evaluation and censure from parents. Also find out what does not suit you in your life.If necessary, seek help from a psychologist.
    4. If the work takes too much time, then change it. Understand that sitting out for days on end at the workplace is not normal. Even if you are well paid for overtime, understand that all the money still does not make money, and happiness is not about money. Changing the place of work, you can not only understand that the weekend is a reality and the norm, but also to realize yourself without overwork.
    5. If you are offered help, do not refuse. And do not hesitate to ask for help. Do not try to take everything on your shoulders. First of all, weakness is common to all, there is nothing wrong with that. Secondly, understand that you do not have to and should not always do everything yourself. Thirdly, help may be helpful to you. Fourthly, it is not worth thinking that the one who offers you help does it to humiliate you or make you incapable or untenable.
    6. Do not forget to take care of yourself, no one else will. Pay attention to your appearance, otherwise you will turn into a gray mouse or notice the first signs of aging. Find time for yourself.Put on masks, relax in a hot bath, go shopping, read fashion magazines. And do not forget about your health. Visit the gym or go to the pool, prepare healthy and tasty dishes for yourself.
    7. Learn to relax. Correct and proper rest is a pledge of good health and good mood. Workaholics believe that the best holiday is a change of activity. But in fact you need to be able to just relax and be distracted from everything. So if you plan a day off, do not plan anything for him. Get enough sleep, allow yourself to lie in bed, enjoy breakfast, call your friends and make an appointment. And remember that weekends should be regular and frequent.
    8. Set priorities for yourself. Understand what you want from this life. If you have a dream, do everything to implement it. If career is more important for you, then do everything in order to build it. But remember that your workaholism can play a cruel joke with you. So, colleagues and management will understand that you are a workaholic, and will begin to charge you with other people's duties. In this case, promotion on the career ladder is unlikely, because you can also be used in the position that you occupy.
    9. Get a pet.This advice may seem strange, but in fact, if you do, then something not less important than work will appear in your life. A pet will be able to distract you from work and give you your communication. As a result, you will realize that there is something more pleasant than work, and you will be distracted from your duties. The best option is a dog. She will wait for you from work and meet with joy, you need to walk with her, which means that you will not be able to stay longer at work.
    10. Play sports. Yes, find something suitable for you and start visiting the section. First, in this way you will be distracted from work; secondly, you will be able to channel your energy into another channel and at least temporarily forget about the robot. Thirdly, sport will allow you to strengthen your health and spirit, as well as tighten your figure.

    And remember that in life, besides work, there are more pleasant and interesting activities.

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