• Two female students turned the dorm room into an incredibly comfortable bedroom

    • Alexandr

      Girls and your families, you are just great!

    • Anonymous

      they have a lot of free money to make such expenses, yes ... not many are capable of that.

    • Anonymous

      Now the main thing is not to forget that you are sleeping on the top shelf and not to “get up” awake. Fencing on the bed or seat belts make.

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t like it ... always lay on the beds in the afternoon and evening, and here are some Spartan conditions

    • anonymous

      there is an idea - there is Ikea :)

    • Anonymous

      Really fall in a dream can be with such beds ...

    • love magic

      Och.zdorovo! Saving space and stylish furnishings. And at the expense of falling .... Sports girls, young, dust off and climb back ....

    • Anonymous

      As in the barracks!)))

    • I do not understand what's difficult. They glued the wallpaper and collected the frame beds. And this with six assistants.

    • Marina

      The beds in the second tier actually made the room narrower and the ceiling low.And if the beauties are so rich, they could have transformed beds that hide behind the tables. We have such models in the city. Not cheap for our region.

    • Anonymous

      I will not say what is bad about the repair, I don’t see how, but what kind of mania they have to make a berth under the ceiling. And ugly and uncomfortable. It turns out that during the day only on the chairs you can sit down. And the uncomfortable look turned out.

    • Anonymous

      The new version is worse, sleeping under the ceiling is uncomfortable, the sleeper is occupied by cabinets, and on the right - it is not clear yet what. The window appears smaller in the new version. Sensation of clutter, not uyya

    • Anonymous

      Under the right bed is an office, and under the left one there are two lamps and something else indefinite. A strange lamp on the ceiling. It would be better to arrange the beds in the style of sofas and you can sit for a chat, and lie down with a book.

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