• Types of earrings

    Earrings - a fashion accessory. Carnations, round pendants, horseshoes, rings - eyes run up from the forms of jewelry for ladies ears. Here and strict geometry, and floral motif, the brilliance of stones and the game of metals. I want to try one option, another, third. When is there to think about the convenience and ergonomics of the product? Here are earrings in the women's recesses, unsuccessful, inconvenient and unnecessary.

    The wrong fastener is:

    • inflamed ear punctures,
    • hilarious lobe,
    • hair stuck in the lock
    • spoiled collar of your favorite jacket,
    • wrong sitting decoration.

    One punishment. Should we endure such torment for the sake of beauty? Today, your attention is invited to a complete selection of locks for earrings. Of the 11 options, you will definitely find a suitable one: stylish, comfortable, ergonomic.

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