• Unusual options for using zippers: ideas worth seeing

    It is difficult to believe in it, but the zipper familiar to us all is a creation of engineering thought. Appearing about a century and a half ago, it did not immediately become popular. Even in order to become an element of clothing, it took about 80 years. But today, lightning is used everywhere.

    Along with the usual use cases, there are alternative ones. Through the efforts of designers, snakes turn into the most unexpected things. Large and small, with plastic and metal links, they look original in different in appearance and purpose products.

    Lightning does not happen much

    Original look lampshade of lightning. By unfastening them, you can adjust the brightness of the lighting.

    A lightning can become a self-sufficient cover for a vase. It is easy to pick up fasteners in different color scales.

    Using snakes, you can make not only a shopping bag or a cosmetic bag, but also an elegant clutch.

    Cases for glasses and phones, diverse cases for storing trifles look great.

    A school pencil case made of snakes can have any number of departments.

    Snake tops and corsets look amazing. If desired, it is easy to adjust in such a thing not only the hips, but also the depth of the notch.

    Fashionistas definitely like the opportunity to turn a long dress into a seductive "mini".

    Pendants of snakes look no worse than luxury jewelry.

    Like lovers of creativity and diverse earrings and necklaces.

    It is easy to turn the snake and hair ornament.

    No less effective look and brooches.

    Bracelets from zippers can be very different from minimalist to solid.

    Use lightning and to create stylish trinkets.

    If you wish, you can turn lightning even into a men's tie or an elegant bow tie.

    Self-made coasters for hot dishes will perfectly fit into the decor of the kitchen.

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