• Ways to grow hops from seed

    Hop is a beautiful, ornamental plant with green buds that is grown in several ways. Hop seeds can be sown in open ground or germinated in the home. In both cases, it will not be difficult and does not take much time.

    Planting hops seeds in open ground

    Sowing seeds is carried out in the spring, when the frost recedes and warm weather sets in. The best time for this is the end of April or the beginning of May.

    Hop seeds
    Hop seeds can be bought at the store
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    Spring sowing includes such actions:

    • In the fall, pick a place to grow hops. Keep in mind that the plant loves penumbra, but can grow in the sun, afraid of drafts and strong winds.
    • Prepare the soil. Dig it and add manure or complex mineral fertilizers. Hops grow well in moist, loamy soil.
    • Make holes or trenches for future sowing.
    • Prepare the seeds 10–14 days before sowing: after room temperature, harden them at about 8 ° C.
    • In the spring, sow the seeds in the prepared trenches, lightly dig in the ground and pour in plenty.

    This is how the seeds are planted in open ground.

    A gardener, observing this simple algorithm, will see the first sprouts of hops in 2 weeks.

    How to grow hops from seed through seedlings

    In order to germinate seedlings from seed, follow this algorithm:

    • Prepare a small box or glass for seeding.
    • Fill it with fertile soil and humus.
    • Place the seeds 0.5 cm deep and sprinkle them with earth.
    • Cover the container with glass or film and place in a warm, bright place with a temperature of about 22⁰C.
    • Periodically water the land.

    Thus, grow seedlings from seed under the power of each gardener.

    Within 14 days, the first shoots will appear, at this time remove the film for 2-3 hours, and when the leaves appear, stop covering the plant.

    In late April, when the earth warms up well, you can transplant seedlings into open ground, for this:

    • make small holes up to 50 cm in depth, at a distance of 0.5 m from each other;
    • place the seedlings in them together with the earthy clod and sprinkle with earth;
    • tamp the soil and water it abundantly;
    • grumble the top layer of earth using hay or sawdust.

    Transplanting seedlings into open soil does not require much time and effort.

    As you grow, take care of the plant - water it, remove excess shoots, feed and protect from diseases.

    Hops will serve as a decor for any garden, beautifully wrapped around a fence or other vertical support.

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