• Ways to remove ads in the browser

    Ways to remove ads in the browserMany users of web portals regularly encounter the problem of viral advertising on the pages. The annoying banners pop up at the most inappropriate moment, and just one careless mouse click directs you to an unnecessary site with questionable content. In this article we will discuss the main methods of how to clean the browser from advertising. At the same time, it doesn’t matter which browser you are using - Mozilla, Yandex, Opera, or Google Chrome.

    How to remove the virus advertising in Opera?

    If, when using web resources, an ad appears in the Opera browser, it can be removed in a few steps. Consider the sequence of actions in more detail:

    1. Initially, make sure that the format of your program corresponds to reality. To do this, open the desktop and find the icon of the browser Opera.
    2. Click on it with the right mouse button, and then select the “Properties” option from the offered list.

      Ways to remove ads in the browser

    3. Then open the window that shows the properties of the Opera software.

      Ways to remove ads in the browser

    4. In this menu, you should pay attention to the extension of your browser and the line called "Object". As you can see, the file format is specified by .url, which differs from the actual .exe extension.
    5. Before starting the changes, it is recommended to open the folder in which the program is installed and check it for the suspicious applications or files. As a rule, this browser is saved by default on the C drive, in the “Program Files” folder.
    6. Go to it and open the folder with Opera.

      Ways to remove ads in the browser

    7. Almost at the very end you will find two files under the name Opera, however, with different extensions.
    8. One of them actually serves to launch the browser, while the second (with the .url format) has a harmful effect and automatically loads ads.
    9. To remove the adware, you must send the same file to the Recycle Bin. Usually opposite it will be an inscription "Internet shortcut".
    10. After that, go to the properties of the shortcut and change the path from "C: \ Program Files \ Opera \ opera.url" to "C: \ Program Files \ Opera \ opera.exe".
    11. Done! Delete ads from the browser successfully completed. To verify the effectiveness of the result, reboot the computer and open the Opera again.
    12. Do the same with all browsers on your PC.

    Ways to remove ads in the browser

    Uninstall in Google Chrome

    To clear the virus advertising in the browser can and more simple way. If you use Google Chrome, then do the following manipulations:

    1. Open a browser and enter the following data into the search bar: chrome: // extensions /.
    2. You will see a list of add-ons, among which you will immediately see a suspicious file.
    3. Click on the Recycle Bin icon opposite it.
    4. Done!

    Ways to remove ads in the browser

    Removing ad banners in Mozilla Firefox

    Actions in this program are similar to the process of removing the virus from Google Chrome. You will need to do the following:

    1. Go to the browser window, open the "Add-ons" tab.
    2. Then go to the "Extensions" option.
    3. Find the malicious file and click on the “Delete” button.
    4. Done!

    Thus, we looked at ways to help you get rid of advertising in the browser. By following simple recommendations, you can quickly clean up the program from annoying banners and use websites with maximum convenience.

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