• Weapons for "real" winners - super blaster Zombie Strike

    Ivan Orlov
    Ivan Orlov
    March 14, 2017
    Weapons for "real" winners - super blaster Zombie Strike

    Has your child already become a connoisseur of weapons for domestic wars? Then you need to surprise him to see the delight. Make it difficult, because the toy of such subjects is expensive, and rarely meets all the desires of your warrior. But there is an amazing "technique" that confidently conquers little fans - this is the Blaster Nerf Zombie Strike. An interesting color choice, realistic design, a huge drum for projectiles and the ability to recharge the system is a real dream for your boy.


    All for real!

    This line of children's weapons is special - it is designed in special shades (wood, grass, sky), which allows the little conqueror to mask effectively. The texture of the toy and its well-thought-out design are also surprising. The weapon is bulky, which gives it a special appeal and similarity with combat analogues.Knowing the preferences of your child, you can easily choose the ideal option for active games:

    • A revolving clip blasters (drum) is a rapid-fire technique that is characterized by excellent “firepower”. You can recharge the toy by moving the bolt, but when the drum rotates, a click appears. The ergonomic shape allows the child to comfortably hold it and hold it in the desired position for a long time.
    • Single charge cannons are popular shotguns and pistols. They are charged by bullets from foam rubber manually, just need to insert the charge into the barrel. In some models, a recharge is provided.

    Some devices of the Zombie Strike series can be charged with hollow arrows. Their tips are rubberized, so injury during contact with the child’s body is minimized.

    Safe play?

    Should I be afraid to give such a "powerful" weapon to my tomboy? Certainly not! The manufacturer pays great attention to the safety of toys during the game:

    • Shells are not used materials that can cause injury, with the hit does not appear bruises, bruises, there is no risk of dissection of the skin.
    • Even if a weapon breaks down, durable plastic does not form sharp corners, but only crumbles or breaks into large and non-sharp parts.
    • Noise and light - if the weapon is equipped with effects, then it fully meets safety standards. The sound of acceptable norms, the light does not blind, will not damage the retina of the eye.


    Any doubts? All models Nerf Modulus and Zombies undergo standardization and only then enter the market. No hazardous chemicals, no harmful fumes or toxic paints.

    Give your child a toy like real superheroes!

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