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    A wedding ceremony, both in the Catholic and in the Orthodox Church, is not just a solemn and beautiful action, but a very important and responsible step of two people who take responsibility for each other before God. Many couples who decide to hold a wedding ceremony of both Catholic and Orthodox religion often ask the same questions:


    • What does the wedding mean and why is it necessary
    • What documents are needed
    • How to prepare for the wedding process
    • What should be the outfits
    • What you need for a wedding

    We present to your attention useful recommendations on the preparation for the wedding ceremony.

    What you need for a wedding

    The most important thing for a wedding is the mutual desire of a man and a woman; therefore, lovers must clearly understand and understand the main thing, what is a wedding. Indeed, in the process of the wedding, future spouses receive a divine blessing, after which they must follow strictly certain commandments: to love each other, to be faithful,to be able to forgive and so on, because a wedding is not just a bow to the clergy or a tribute to fashion, but a conscious step of a family that is always ready to follow the commandments of God.

    Wedding in the church. rules

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    The wedding ceremony includes certain requirements and rules that must be fulfilled without fail, since otherwise the clergy may refuse the couple to conduct the ceremony. So the rules are:

    1. Mandatory presence of an official certificate of civil marriage
    2. Participants in the ceremony - the bride and groom, as well as the witnesses must be baptized and wear a cross
    3. The wedding ceremony is allowed only for adults.
    4. The wedding can be carried out in one day with the official marriage in the registry office
    5. You can get married no more than three times, and if one of the spouses has already passed the wedding ceremony, then he must first dissolve it. The dissolution of a church marriage is quite a complicated procedure, so the wedding ceremony should be approached very seriously.
    6. Photo and video shooting in the temple is prohibited, therefore it is necessary to discuss this issue with the priest in advance.
    7. The number of guests does not limit the church

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    Note! The choice of witnesses to the wedding ceremony must be approached very responsibly, since the church believes that witnesses or best men will be associated with the bride and groom all their life, that is, to suggest and support the young couple in everything. Thus, witnesses must be believers, keep the commandments and serve as an example for the newlyweds. As witnesses, the church recommends choosing a married couple with children.

    Wedding in the Orthodox Church

    If the couple decided to hold a wedding ceremony in the Orthodox Church, then they should definitely know the following:

    1. In the Orthodox Church, a wedding is possible if one of the spouses is Catholic, Protestant or Lutheran. If one of the spouses is a Muslim, a Buddhist or any other religion, then the wedding ceremony is strictly prohibited.
    2. In the Orthodox Church it is forbidden to hold a wedding ceremony on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, as well as at Christmas time, during any fast and on Easter week. Therefore, it is necessary to contact the church in advance and decide on the date of the ceremony.
    3. There is also a ban on the wedding:


    • persons married more than three times
    • persons who have taken holy orders
    • monks or nuns who have taken a vow
    • men and women older than 70 and 60 years, respectively
    • if the parents of the bride or groom are against marriage
    • if the bride and groom have kinship ties
    • if one of the young is already married
    1. After agreeing with the representatives of the church the exact date of the wedding, the newlyweds need to purchase the necessary attributes for the ceremony:
    • the icon of Christ the Savior and the Blessed Virgin Mary - the keepers of the home
    • wedding candles for the bride and groom - symbolize the purity of the prompting to legal marriage and are kept in the house of spouses for life

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    • white embroidered towel, which in the process of the ceremony of betrothal becomes the bride and groom. It symbolizes unity and readiness to share both joy and sorrow.
    • Wedding rings for newlyweds symbolize eternity and continuity of a married couple. Before the ceremony of betrothal, future spouses have rings on the throne of the altar, thereby entrusting their destiny to God

    Stages of the rite of the wedding of the Orthodox:

    1. The bride and groom must confess and take communion before the wedding.
    2. Liturgy, which will help better focus on the process of the ceremony, both young and guests. Be sure to immediately precede the wedding ceremony
    3. After the liturgy, the priest lights the wedding candles and presents them to the newlyweds.
    4. Betrothal. The prayer is read and the ceremony begins, during which the priest puts on the wedding rings of the newlyweds wedding rings, which in the process of the wedding three times disguises between future spouses. This action symbolizes the consent of the spouses to the willingness to accept and give help, to come to mutual assistance to each other.
    5. After the priest has completed the betrothal of the bride and groom, the wedding itself begins directly. Newlyweds, standing in the center of the temple in front of the face of God, solemnly confirm the freedom of their choice, give commitment to faithfulness, love and care
    6. The priest begins a prayer service, during which he consecrates and blesses the newlyweds for a happy married life

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    Witnesses in the process of performing the wedding ceremony should keep crowns above the heads of the bride and groom, which symbolize "royal power", that is, they become the ancestors of their home.In the Orthodox Church, crowns are made of silver and gold and they are necessarily decorated with precious stones.

    1. After the witnesses laid on the heads of young crowns, the bride and groom from a bowl filled with red wine, make three sips. It symbolizes that from now on they will have everything in common: desires, joy, trouble, work, peace and so on.
    2. Then the priest, joining the hands of the bride and groom, leads them three times around the center of the Orthodox church. This wedding step means that the newlyweds will not break their words and these vows, and also will not terminate their marriage.

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    1. After the end of the wedding ceremony in the Orthodox Church, the spouses are allowed to kiss each other, and guests - to congratulate the young
    2. From the temple, the first spouses come out, then the father of the bridegroom with the mother of the bride, followed by the bride's father and the groom's mother and only then the rest of the guests

    After the end of the rite according to the Russian tradition, it is customary to fill up young candies and small money coins to make the life together sweet and rich, and the bride tosses a bouquet to unmarried friends to find out who will next go under the crown.You can learn about other Russian wedding traditions and ceremonies here.

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    Wedding in the Catholic Church

    The main difference between the Catholic wedding and the Orthodox is the impossibility of a subsequent divorce. Divorce can be resolved only in cases where the canons were violated during the wedding or the death of one of the spouses. Therefore, the wedding in the Catholic Church must be approached with complete sincerity and confidence that both parties want to live together their whole lives.

    Bans on the conduct of the wedding ceremony in the Catholic Church are the same as in the Orthodox Church.

    Catholic wedding and wedding are equivalent concepts. We bring to your attention the main stages of the Catholic wedding:

    1. Before the wedding, the bride and groom should take communion and confess with the priest
    2. On the wedding day, the bride wears a snow-white wedding dress, and the groom should be anxiously awaiting at the altar the moment when the father of the bride will give him her hand. After that, the newlyweds will become one whole for life, create a new happy family and follow all the commandments, giving each other love, care and warmth.
    3. Then the priest reads the prayers, and after that asks all those present, are there any reasons that could affect the fact that the marriage should not take place. If no one cites compelling arguments that prevent the wedding, the priest continues the wedding
    4. The main and exciting moment of the whole ceremony is a mutual vow of loyalty to each other. As a rule, these words are prepared in advance and fill the process of wedding with touching. By tradition, the wedding rings are handed to the groom by the groom's main witness, after which the newlyweds exchange them and put their signatures in the church book
    5. At the end of the ceremony, the priest announces young men and women

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    In the Catholic wedding ceremony, an important role is given to children, who on this occasion wear beautiful wedding clothes, thus symbolizing the purity and purity of love of the newlyweds.

    Also, it is curious that at the Catholic wedding, the newlyweds are allowed to have several witnesses, both from the groom and from the bride. As a rule, they all wear the same costumes and dresses, which gives the ceremony additional beauty and solemnity.

    The wedding ceremony is usually held by a priest, but in some cases a layman can do this.

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