• Wedding envelopes for a gift of money

    So, the long-awaited wedding time of spring-summer 2017 has already arrived and we will have fun, joy and congratulations of the newlyweds on this solemn day ahead. The color scheme of weddings in 2017 is varied, as they say, for every taste, therefore, it is impossible to select a specific color, which one you like, in this color, and make out their wedding. Therefore, guests can also choose a gift for the wedding in any color scheme. As for wedding gifts, here. As they say, who is that much. It can be anything that is useful to the newlyweds in their newborn family. It can be interior items, home appliances, travel permits, car, apartment, but, and not to rack your head and please with a gift, it is certainly better to give a gift of money, so that the newlyweds have already decided much better and what to spend a certain amount of money. But it’s worth considering the moment that money should be presented beautifully, elegantly and with taste.Now it is fashionable and popular to give money in handmade envelopes. This is considered not so much fashionable as exclusive, since it is 100% impossible to repeat the work, even if it is done by one person. That's just right now, and we will make wedding envelopes in three colors. So, let's start and take the following for making envelopes:
    • Blue, lettuce and pink cardboard on A4 sheet;
    • Scrapbuma 30 to 30 cm in lilac , mint and beige-pink color;
    • Pictures of the newlyweds, swans, etc., any on the wedding theme;
    • Black and green stamp and ink " Wedding Day ";
    • Ribbons 25 mm satin pink, blue, mint in peas;
    • Lighter for processing tapes;
    • Flowers paper and latex roses white, mint, purple;
    • White lace flowers;
    • Pearl half-beaks;
    • AT White, pistachio and lilac pearl cardboard nub: festive flags, butterflies, hearts, frames;
    • Chiffon roses on a ribbon are purple and pale pink;
    • Curbing punch;
    • Scissors, glue pencil, ruler, double-sided tape, simple pencil and glue gun.
     Wedding envelopes for a money gift
    Let's start from the basics of cardboard envelopes. In the horizontal position, each sheet is divided into three parts: 11 cm, 11 cm and 7.5 cm.
     Wedding envelopes for a money gift
     Wedding envelopes for a cash gift
    Draw lines and fold the bases for envelopes.
     Wedding envelopes for a money gift
     Wedding envelopes for a money gift
    Now for each envelope in color we select the ribbons, burning the edges of each cut.
    Wedding envelopes for money gift
    Glue the tape on the scotch in front and behind each base in the center at the edge. Now we cut out three rectangles of each color with dimensions of two 10.5 by 20.5 cm and one 7 by 20.5 cm from scrapbook.
     Wedding envelopes for a money gift
    Wedding envelopes for a money gift
    Inside and behind, we immediately scrape scraped rectangles on the tape. The front will be decorated and stitched. We stamp different colors of the inscription, we cut them out, we tint. Sticking on the picture and the inscription on each of the envelopes, sew. We glue butterflies on twigs and flags with glue pencil.
     Wedding envelopes for a money gift
    Wedding envelopes for a money gift Glue in front on the envelopes these parts and stitch separately the outer parts of the envelopes, and the inner and back together.Envelopes are made inside, we tie them in bows.
     Wedding envelopes for a money gift
    Wedding envelopes for a money gift
    Glue some jewelry and you're done! We get a variety of envelopes for wedding greetings.

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