• What are mushrooms?

    Vladimir Kulinich
    Vladimir Kulinich
    February 12, 2013
    What are mushrooms?

    Many people love mushrooms. After all, what could be more delicious than well cooked mushrooms! About what mushrooms are, our article will tell.

    Conventionally, mushrooms are divided into four groups, although in the “biology” of these groups there are much more.

    • The first group is, of course, edible mushrooms. Such mushrooms include species that do not require pre-treatment before consumption, such as soaking, boiling or frying. These mushrooms just need to clean and scald with boiling water. Depending on the nutritional value and taste, edible mushrooms, respectively, are divided into 4 categories:
      • 1 category includes mushrooms such as mushrooms, porcini mushrooms, milk mushrooms;
      • Category 2 contains aspen mushrooms, champignons, boletus, boletus and volnogushki;
      • 3 categories include such mushrooms as morels, chanterelles, bovines, valui and autumn mushrooms;
      • and, finally, the 4th category included: summer and meadow meadow, oyster mushroom, dung beetles, rows, govorushki, tinder.
    • The second group includes the so-called conditionally edible mushrooms.These mushrooms, as a rule, contain some bitterness. They also contain toxic substances, which themselves dissolve during long-term storage of dried mushrooms and disappear when boiled in water. This group includes morels, almost all types of lacquers, milk mushrooms, which must be soaked in water with salt for a long time and boiled to remove bitterness. Water, while boiling mushrooms, you must periodically drain (change).
    • The third group is inedible mushrooms. Such mushrooms do not contain toxic substances, but they are not eaten because of an unpleasant taste or smell that cannot be removed even with serious cooking. These are mushrooms such as, for example, gall mushrooms. Also, these mushrooms can be very tough.
    • To the fourth, and last, group carry poisonous mushrooms. These mushrooms contain toxins - toxic substances that cause poisoning. These are mushrooms such as, for example, a fly agaric or a pale toadstool. To take such mushrooms in food is absolutely not recommended!

    Now you know what mushrooms are!

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