• What are the best diapers for a newborn

    Newborns have very delicate skin. It is prone to chafing, irritation can even begin from slight friction. That is why diapers should be chosen very carefully. Preference should be given to products made of organic cotton, without fragrances and dyes.
    Before buying diapers, pay attention to the packaging. There should be written “new born” - a newborn, or weight should be - “from 3 to 5 kg”, or age - “0-3 months”. This labeling means that diapers are designed specifically for babies, made from soft and breathable materials.
    Look at the diaper itself. Usually, samples are laid out in stores near closed packs. The diaper should have soft elastic edges. Newborns actively move their legs, and can rub them if the material is rough.
    Pay attention to the Velcro. It is better that they are elastic.Then the top of the diaper will not tighten the tummy, the baby will be comfortable. If the newborn is large enough, you can choose diapers from the next series, designed for babies from three months. Then you can be sure that they will not exactly crush and rub.
    Look at the top layer of the diaper. It must be "breathable", that is, made of porous natural material. In such a diaper, the skin of the baby will not sweat, no condensation will form, and, therefore, diaper rash will not appear.
    At first, choose diapers without fragrances and not soaked in lotion. The skin of newborns is very sensitive, allergies can begin.
    What brand of diapers is better, every mother should determine for herself. Someone praises "Pampers", someone "Haggis." And others are suitable only expensive Japanese "Marris". But the price is not the determining factor in the choice of diapers. All children's products, which can be found on the Russian shelves, have passed the mandatory certification and are suitable for newborns. And inexpensive diapers can also be comfortable for the baby. Therefore, you should not immediately reject the budget brands, it is better to try several types of diapers and choose the best.

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