• What are the most popular sites?

    Nadezhda Manko
    Nadezhda Manko
    February 12, 2013
    What are the most popular sites?

    Most people now know well what the internet is. There you can find a lot of interesting information, a lot of different games, thanks to the Internet you can chat with friends and family and you can do much more. As you know, the Internet consists of web pages. More precisely of the sites that combine these web pages. In this article we consider which sites are the most popular.

    First, we say that the popularity of sites in different countries is different. It mainly depends on the main feature that distinguishes one country from another. This sign is language. So, let's say, Russian-language sites are popular in the CIS countries, but English-language resources are not so popular.

    So, we will consider popular sites in Russia and, for example, in the USA.

    Russian popular sites

    In Russia, the top ten popular sites are: mail.ru, vkontakte.ru, yandex.ru, odnoklassniki.ru, rambler.ru, google.ru, narod.ru, ucoz.ru, youtobe.com, livejournal.com, google. com.

    Mail.ru is a site, which is a fully functional mail system.The developers of this site, in addition to the ability to send and receive mail, have added many other features, such as viewing news, online games and others.

    The top popular sites in Russia include the odnoklassniki.ru and vkontakte.ru sites - they are social networks. What does it mean? This means that people register there and have the opportunity to communicate on them through various means, to spread their various photos, various mp3 tracks. That is, everything has been done to use and exchange information, data between people, between friends.

    Sites such as yandex.ru and rambler.ru, as well as google.ru and google.com are search engines. Using these resources, you can find the necessary information on keywords and key phrases. Thanks to these sites, navigation through the Internet is mainly carried out.

    Sites narod.ru and youtobe.com are sites that provide free hosting. What does it mean? Anyone can post their information on these sites for free. True, as for youtobe.com, there you can upload only video.

    The site livejournal.com is a site that is a social network, diary, forum.

    Popular US sites

    If you look at the top popular sites in the United States, then the top ten are such sites: google.com, facebook.com, yahoo.com, youtobe.com, amazon.com, wikipedia.org, twitter.com, ebay.com, blogger .com, craiqlist.org.

    If you analyze the American top, then there are also dominated by search engines and social networks, but there are two online stores, amazon.com and ebay.com, as well as an encyclopedia wikipedia.org.

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