• What are the search engines?

    Vladislav Meriin
    Vladislav Meriin
    February 11, 2013
    What are the search engines?

    Search engines today are important for all Internet users, since it is thanks to them that we have the opportunity to find any information that interests us in a matter of minutes. To make your search more effective, you need to know what search engines exist.


    The largest global search engine today is Google. The database of sites of this search engine is updated very quickly, and it contains a huge number of sites. In most countries of the world, Google is the most popular search engine.


    Yandex is a Russian search engine. This search engine is most popular in Russia and occupies rather high positions in the CIS countries. His data on the sites is also quite extensive, but the appearance of new information in it is slightly more than that of Google.

    Yandex is great for searching Russian-language sites.


    To date, the search engine Rambler is not as popular as it once was.Nevertheless, it is convenient for searching Russian-language sites, as it perfectly takes into account the morphology of the Russian language.

    Other search engines

    It is quite difficult to give an exhaustive answer about what the search engines are, as today their number is in the thousands. There are both search engines of general orientation, and highly specialized search engines for various fields of human activity: medicine, art, construction, etc.

    Among other popular search engines it is worth mentioning: Yahoo !, Aport, Nigma, Bing.

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