• What are the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy

    Abdominal pain

    As a rule, a sharp symptom of ectopic pregnancy is a sharp pain in the lower abdomen. Often, pain occurs only on one side, which indicates the tube in which the fetus that has not reached the uterus develops. Rezi can appear at a certain position of a body, walking or physical activities.

    The source of pain is an increasing fruit that expands the walls of the fallopian tubes. Considering that the width of the appendages varies along the entire length, the placement of the fetus influences how long the pains appear. Depending on the location of the fetus, characteristic pain can occur from the 5th to the 8th week of ectopic pregnancy. However, it should be remembered that with cervical ectopic pregnancy pain may not occur.


    Often, an ectopic pregnancy is accompanied by blood discharge. Almost regardless of the position of the fetus, its traumatic development affects the surrounding organs, which leads to blood loss.

    Weak second stripe

    As usual, ectopic pregnancy is determined using test strips. As a rule, the amount of hormones in a woman whose embryo develops outside the uterus is slightly lower. When conducting tests, this may be expressed in a pale second strip.

    It should also not be forgotten that every day the amount of hormones in ectopic pregnancy increases and at certain times of the day both strips on the test can be equally bright.

    Critical symptoms

    The most critical symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are severe, gratuitous weakness, loss of consciousness, severe incessant vaginal bleeding, intense increasing pain in the abdomen, and sweating and pallor. In such cases, you must immediately call an ambulance.

    Ectopic pregnancy symptoms - what's next?

    When the first symptoms of ectopic pregnancy appear, it is necessary to contact a gynecologist as quickly as possible, who will take action for an accurate diagnosis.

    The most reliable way is considered an ultrasound examination.

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